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I had a really nice break... ups and downs, for sure... but I got to see a lot of people I'd missed, and I got to spend a lot of time in the sun. I even wore a skirt on my birthday on Wednesday, and got to go to the beach that week as well. In January! Fabulous. There are pictures on facebook.

Anyway, getting back here was the worst and longest traveling experience of my life. I left the boys' apartment at 5:30 PM on Friday, after surfing through rush hour traffic got to the airport at 7:15. Flight delayed. Great. Didn't take off until 12:30. Sitting around in the airport is terrible. Flight landed in Toronto the next morning. As usual, couldn't really get decent sleep on the plane. Raced around the airport, stood in the customer service line for an hour, finally ran to get onto a different flight to London. Left at 10:00 Toronto time. Sat in the plane for a very, very long time while they put weird green stuff on the wings to keep the plane from being icy. Flew to London while some very large dude slept on me. Of course, couldn't get good rest again. Arrived in London at about midnight (was originally supposed to get in at 9:15), went through passport check, baggage claim, etc, just in time to miss the last tube out of the airport by TEN MINUTES. I couldn't afford a taxi that far, and I didn't think the night bus went all the way up to Cockfosters, SO... I had to sleep in the airport. Wonderful. This was the first time I'd ever had to do this. I don't recommend it if you can help it, but there were a bunch of other people there doing the same thing. Couldn't really sleep, though, again. Woke up, went to catch the first tube. It was 1/2 hour late. Finally got on it, but it made me change at King's Cross and wait half an hour for the next one to come. Finally got to Oakwood at about 7:45 AM. The stupid school shuttle wasn't supposed to start until ten, so I tried to get a cab. No cabs available. So, I had to walk uphill on Snakes Lane for 1.5 miles with all my super heavy luggage after not sleeping for two nights. You can imagine I wasn't very happy about this. I didn't manage to get into my room until 8:30, since I was slow at walking and took a lot of breaks. I was so exhausted. Over 30 hours of travel with hardly any sleep is NO GOOD. I hate flying. I hate traveling, really. I LOVE going to new places, I just wish there were a less awful way to do it.

I was really sad when I first got here. It was weird to be back in my room after being gone so long. I was really lonely though, after being able to go home and see so many friends, to then be the only one in my entire hall... Fortunately, five people moved in in the afternoon and I went out and met them, and they all seemed really, really nice. That made me feel a million times better. A few are drama majors, and a few are hippies and are going to not go to Asda with me, so I am very excited.

This week I have an intensive for my physical theatre class. 10-5 every day. It's going to be awful. I'm not going to have caught up on sleep, and it's going to be awful. This blog is full of complaining. Better ones will happen; I promise.
cmgervais says:
The glamorous side of travel :^D
Posted on: Aug 12, 2008
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