The BEST Saturday afternoon EVER (Borough Market ROCKS)

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Borough Market
After reading user "bramwan"'s review about Borough Market, I'd really wanted to check it out. After a lot of failed attempts I finally got out to Southwark again and found it. I don't know how the hell I missed it before. Not only was it right by the Southwark Cathedral, which I must have walked by at least fifteen times, but it was HUUUUUUGE. I just about fainted when I got down there in the middle of it... not because it was suuuuper crowded, but because I LOVE food. Since Borough Market is a food market, I felt like a kid in a candy store. I walked around here for a very long time looking at all the wonderful food, and eating as many free samples as possible. I ate so much wonderful cheese and jam I could hardly contain myself.
Food, glorious food!
It was fun walking around with all these other pretentious food people tasting things, and asking very assertively "Where is this cheese from?" and giving that my-opinion-is-very-important "hmm" after consuming it. So fun. The market has many twists and turns so you have to be driven to get through the whole thing. Just looking at all the food was fun because it all looks SO nice... such a rich range of colors and smells... mmm.... I bought a bunch of stuff... pork pie... fresh apple and strawberry juice... a flaxseed and honey bar... goats milk chocolate fudge... the hippie and the foodie inside me were very pleased.

Leaving the market it started to rain a little, which was not surprising... but when I walked up the steps by the cathedral hoping to find a new distraction, I turned to see this HUGE, BEAUTIFUL RAINBOW over the Thames!!! Everyone around me stopped in their tracks to fish around for digital cameras, phone cameras, etc.
I got some apple/strawberry juice from this guy... MMMMMMM love....
to capture this storybook view. My camera died, which sucked, but I did managed to switch the batteries around to make them last just a few more seconds as I scrambled over to London Bridge to take another photo. It was basically the happiest thing ever.

I decided to go back to the Tate Modern since I was in the area, and because I didn't get to see it all last time. Awesome as usual. I know a lot of people don't like modern art, and I will say that there were a few things in there that I didn't really care for, but most of the things in there are quite impressionable. You just have to be able to open your mind a bit, and appreciate it based on what it makes you think or the way it makes you feel rather than how hard someone worked on it or whether it took a long time to put together.
IT'S A RAINBOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then off to Victoria Station to go to church at Westminster Cathedral again. These people are so lucky to go to church in such a beautiful building.

When I got back after sitting on the stupid tube forever (I have such a love/hate relationship with the tube), Daniel invited me over again and a bunch of us played this Pictionary-esque game for a really long time. We were laughing a lot... good times... and I got to see the lunar eclipse!

I went home in such a fantastic mood... and then this drunk Pakistanian guy from down the hall who I'd only met ONCE was trying to get me to go out with him because he said I'd made good arguments when we were talking the other day, and that I wasn't a dumb girl like everyone else, and that we were exactly the same... kind of sketchy... but I did NOT want to let that ruin my fantastic day, so I tried to tell myself that it was just a sign that I am still interesting enough to at least be desirable to drunk people. That's got to be a step in the right direction...
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Borough Market
Borough Market
Food, glorious food!
Food, glorious food!
I got some apple/strawberry juice …
I got some apple/strawberry juice…
ITS A RAINBOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!
IT'S A RAINBOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!
OOOOOHHHH, RAINBOW over the London…
OOOOOHHHH, RAINBOW over the Londo…
Other half of the rainbow by the T…
Other half of the rainbow by the …
photo by: ulysses