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Monday, May 28, 1973                Midland, North Carolina                              drizzle and thunderstorms

Mr. & Mrs. Pharr are very cordial people with distinct Southern accents!  They are rather short with graying hair.  John is about 6' tall with blond hair and glasses.  He's a good looking boy of about 22 and he is engaged to Laura.  He has kind of a Southern accent with what sounds like British mixed in.

We (Miss, Mrs Pharr and I) watched the rain all day and then went into Concord that evening.  Miss Pharr's brother, Yorke, came from camp with some counselors, George and Darrell.  Yorke is about 5'7" with dark curly hair and a stocky build.  He is good looking and apparently unattached.

We all ate supper, then the boys (all but Yorke) stayed up in John's little house.  Miss Pharr and I went through our suitcases before going to bed.

Tuesday, May 29, 1973                      Midland, North Carolina                                cloudy but nice

We got up and ready about 9:00 am.  We left at 10:30, went to Charlotte, No. Carolina, to the bank and then picked up Miss Pharr's girlfriend, Marsha, then went to eat and shop at Southpark.  While they went to the beauty shop to get their hair cut, I bought a pantskirt.

We went to UNCC, the college there, where Miss Pharr checked on summer school.  We took Marsha home and then we came back home.  Marsha is a nice looking girl in her mid-20's.  She is tall with short, frosted hair and a dimple.

That evening, Mr. Pharr took us all out to eat at Lake Lynn Lodge for flounder.  We came home, washed our clothes, took our baths and I washed my hair and went to bed.

Wednesday, May 30, 1973                            Charlotte, North Carolina                                   nice, sunny

Today is my last day at Pine Top.  It is a beautiful countryside with a pretty brick house sitting on the edge of a small lake.  I love to sit on the screened in porch and watch the water and look at the pine trees and pretty flowers or play with the cats-- Minor, Eleanor and Stash.  There are also two dogs--Major and Lady.

Mrs. Pharr took us to the airport to catch our flight at 1:30 pm.  We landed in New York at 3:15, ate dinner and bought some postcards.  We then went to the TWA terminal and played cards until our plane came in.  We were two hours late getting off because we had to wait on some others.  We saw the movie, "Warm December". Our ear phones didn't work so we had to move.  We  had a snack and then breakfast.


Unfortunately, no pictures survive from this part of the trip. Many of them were "slides" which disintegrated after sitting in a damp shed for decades. :-(

I was impressed by my first visit to North Carolina, and the hospitality of my hosts. They were kind, gentle folk but appeared to be quite elderly.  Looking back, they must have been in their 50's but to an 18 year old that seems positively ancient.  I suppose that holds true even  today (as I look in the mirror, in horror, at the wisps of gray creeping around my temples), except now, I'm in the opposite position!

I was impatient to be on my way to England.  Back in the early 70's there were no limits on the amount of carry-on luggage that could be dragged onboard.  I remember that I carried every single piece of luggage with me, which translated to at least four bags.  I recall having a miserable time trying to get down the aisle on the aircraft because I had so many bags hanging off my shoulders.  This was in the days before "rolling" luggage and everything had to be slung around your neck or carried by the handle.  No one complained about it at the time but then again, no one helped me either!

Those were also the days of semi-edible, free, hot meals onboard........ using real china and metal cutlery.......not the cardboard boxes and plasticwear that you now find on today's flights.  I remember that the movie headphones were enormous, orange, plastic monstrosities that resembled a doctor's stethoscope, right down to the little hard bits that were inserted into your ears.  No "Bose" noice cancelling headsets here!  Also, no ipods, laptops, gameboys, DVD players, etc......  to while away the long hours sitting in Coach.  Technology has definitely improved these days even if the amenities offered onboard haven't!  

Ah, the old TWA terminal.....such happy memories that conjures.  Many a transatlantic journey began there for me since I normally flew out of JFK.  I understand from fellow TBer, Brett (Metsbwd) that the terminal is now closed but cannot be torn down as it is  considered a "landmark".   How terrible to be in such limbo.....  no one wants to invest money to restore it and yet it sits, in its past glory, falling into ruin.

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