Sloths, monkeys and a thieving bl**dy Racoon !!!!!

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OK, Ok so its been a while, but internet access is not always that easy to find ! Either the hostel has it and it has a queue of 50 backpackers waiting to check their mail, or more critically, when I get online its about the same as it was back in the early nineties when it takes forever to do anything but we perseviere ( my alologies for spelling etc, im working on a keyboard with all the letters rubbed off and have no time or inclination for a spell checker !)

So what been going on in the world on M&H ! well to be short... its all fracking ace !! loving every minute of it ! I will try to summarise below whats been going on ....

We left SAn Jose on a local bus ( which are cae, dont bother with private transport) to LA Fortuna to se the smoking Volcano Arenal ! We took the tour to see the volcano that involved a nature hike of about 2 hrs to see the wildlife ( not a lot of that to be honest) but we did see some howler monkeys.. sound a bit like my dad in a mood....then at sunset we waither to se the Lava !! of course at this point in time , as it does every day in costa Rica, the clouds rolled in and the heavens opened ! totoally obscuring the volcano ! we did see one lava rock roll down , it looked a bit like someone lighting a cigarette about 3 miles away, but we were excited anyway ! then off to some hot springswhere we essentailly took a three hour luxuroius bath and got eaten to death by mossies, but it was sooooooo nice. the next day we took the jeep bat jeep to Monteverde, well thats how its advertised, it ended up being more minibus boat minibus, but was still fun. the roads her ( for those that have been there) are like my dads drive, but twicce as steep and go on for kilometers ! so was quite a hairy ride ! we eventually got to the nature reserve of SAnta Helena and monteverde, looked around two or three crap hostels until we found a room in one that was ok, there was no staff there, we were let in by the carpenter who was building the place, we later forund out from Dennis, the 60something californian that resided there that the place was new and we were some of the first guests, but it all worked out ok. REalxing for the rest of the day and then watching the US election with Dennis, a staunch MC CAin fan ! and card carrying Republican !

EArly star the next day for tours tours tours.. we took a morning bridges walk, thre hours in the cloud forest to see wildlife walking along suspended bridges in the canopy, there was only us, a dutch couple and the guide so was well good ! lots of spiders and snakes. then againin the evening we took the nicht time safari to see the nocturnal amnimals ! well, see is a bit strong, we were all ther with our torcches in a pitch black rain forest, when the heavens REALLY opened ! normally, the best way to spot animals on these night walks is to shine your torch like skully and mulder and if anything moves or reflects back at you,its prob an animal... the problem with a torrential downpour is, that EVERYTHING IS MOVING AND REFECTS BACK AT YOU !!! so it was a bit of a dead loss... but we did see a deadly snake on the path..

We then thought it was about time to see some sea ! so we set off for the ferry at Puntaareanas, the ferry was great fun and lots of beautiful islands on the way to the nicoya penninsular, we then got the bus to montezuma ( not the revenge one) but got off early at a place called Tambor.. tak about off the gringo trail... there was us, our hostel, a supermaket, about 2 bars and that it !! we were the only no ticos there.. but we had the beach to ourselves, all 8 km of it and just down the road was a fishing village with a nice bar so we decided to stay for a while. The weather was not that great so far, it is the end of the rainy season, so on the second day, we could not really swim and so went for a walk around the penninsular, where  we came across a whole troop of howler monkeys.. just ther on and over the path, literally meters away.. that was waaaaaay cool. On the second day the weather broke and it was glorious sunshine, so we hot the beach.. and even with factor 50 suncream, both got burned to hell ! but it was WORTH IT !

we also decided to go see the surfer mecca Montezuma, so knowing the buses are not exactly on time, we got to the bus stop early... thre and a half hours later the bus came !!!! so we did eventually get there ! but the last bus home was only 90 minutes later, so it was a short vistsi ! we say the beaches and a waterfall, it looked like a pretty touristified place, but cool with it so would have liked to stay longer, but was not possible ) literally it took 2 buses and 1.5 hrs to do 22 km, the roads are that bad !!!

SO on the last day we got up early and caught the ON TIME bus back to puntaareanas to get the 11 am ferry back to the mainland !! Only to fiund it was canceled and no ferry was expected until 13.00, so that explained why the bus was not running yesterday ! but we got on eventually and after a speedy sprint across town we got the bus to Jaco...anothe gringo hotspot and drugs capital of costa rica tourism...more to follow......

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