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Well we finally made it here, here being san Jose in Costa rica ! after 10 mnths of planning, in the loosest sense, we are not actually here. took off from London gatwick no problem and was happy to find ut the films on the plane were not as bad as advertised, except that mama mia, good god ! what the hell was all that about! if I were not 30 thousand feet in the air I would have left ! it was watched under duress, seeing all the ladies on the plane swaying along ! sigh! anyway, all went well as soon as it ended!
Arrivel in the US was interestign, with the immigraion official that has seen too many van damme movies and had a packet of chips on his steroid enhanced shoulders... step back from the counter sir, STEP BACK .....FACE ! but we both got though. To soak up the stress that is a international hub, we enjoyed a nice , if pricey, SAM ADAMS beer then boarded our nearly on time flight to costa rica.
After alighting the otherr side, to a charming mmigration official,  and getting our luggage n problem, we were met by Henry, our appointed driver to take s to the hostel. I had been awake nearly 24 hrs by this time so was glad not to have to bother with looking for taxis etc... the hostel was nice , friendly and clean and we went to bed almost immediatly.
Day one in San Jose, started with a self cooked breakfast of eggs on toast supplied bt our hosts,  who had bacon, but were hiding is somewhere out of my grasp ! the a leasurly stroll into San Jose proper. We thought we would stop at the bank to get some cash ! Oh dear, card was immediatly swallowed by the machine that then gave me a nice receipt saying my card was swallowed ! so, no card, no cash .. oh shit ! we went in and the very nice security guard and nice customer services man who did not speak any english, helped and about an hour later my card was returned, but still no cash !! as not to tempt fate we then went into the town centre, and in the HSBC .. aaah familiarity... we tried with H's card, and the same thing happened.. SHIITTTT, no cards no cash. BUt after another 30 mins we cgot that card back too.. as it transoired from an e  mail we got today, the manufacture of the new card we had for this trip was faulty and hence thy will send us new... fat lot of good it does is now !! but we got some cash on the credit card so are ok...
we then enjoyed san jose, its a bit like kidderminster town centre really but a bit bigger and more run down .. if that is possible. I spent some quality time in prostitutes park while H went to the beauticians, then we got lunch and i tried new beer no 2 Imperial .. v nice.
then after lots more walking and sightseeing. I wont bore with the details, we went back to the hostel and fell asleep for a bit.. well a bit too long as when we woke up, it was too late to go out for dinner, plus we were a bit scared after walking to the bus stp and being told in no uncertain terms that this was NOT a area we should be in, get out NOW!! so we stayed in and had an early night, looking forward to going back to the dodgy area for our bus to La Fortura tomorrow at 8am...
cool beans
M and H.

karenltate says:
Glad you both arrived safely and they are looking after you!! Take care Karen
Posted on: Nov 12, 2008
karen-green says:
Sounds like a good start!!!! Kick back and relax time soon. And congrats to both of you - as didn't really get to talk over Adrians as you had all talked it out already. Take loads of photos for me, I'll use them for teaching!!! Lots of Love, Kaz & Girls.
Posted on: Nov 07, 2008
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San Jose
photo by: Isoinspira