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well, after a looooong period of being away.. mostly caused by moving home, (stressful) relocating back to England, (super stressful) storing all your worldly possessions in your mothers attic and hoping the ceiling/floor does not collapse under the weight, ( excruciatingly stressful) , travelling across country to visit freinds and relatives, (ahhhh niiiiice.....) only to find that the one piece of paper you need for the urgent tax return is at the back of the pile in your mothers attic and you have to go all the way back across country to get it ( aaarrgghhhh.... aneurysm !!) and as most of the places  between did not have internet access or had WIFI but no oone knew their access code or password:  I have not written much of late !

But here we are, almost complete wiith the packing and storage, half way complete with the admin stuff we need and enyoing a pint of Whitstable breweries IPA and some fish and chips in the kentish sunshine on the last sunny day of the year ( for those of you not in GB, there is no greater pleasure that a pint of ale on a UK beach on the one day a year when we have good weather !).

Reflecting over the past few weeks of brain crumbling nervous stress, i can now look back with a smile and with heartfelt gratitide to all my friends that have helped and offered help to me and H over this time, which (in my humble opinion) went well beyond the usual "friendship" remit ,and I would like to thank you all for your help and suppport  !! yay you ! ( cor sounds like children in need or something!)
Anyway.. enough waxing lyrical ( and what the hell does that man anyway !) some news !!

The lovely gift vouchers from my old work colleagues have bought me a groovy rucksack for the travelling ( H is also pleased as my stuff wont fill half of it, so i guess I will be carrying the stilettos and handbags through the jungle !!) plus a silk sleeping sack and a book all aboout COSTA RICA !! yep you heard it .. we are beginning our south american tour in CENTRAL AMERICA !! yay ! carribean beaches... monkeys .. armadilloes ( crunchy on the ourside, chewey on the inside) for a nice beachy start to the trip. ( look for the greenpeace news blog as they try to push my bloated white beached whale body back into the surf.....) via ATLANTA GEORGIA !! only for 4 hours but what the hey.....

from there we fly to Quito in Ecuador, where we will begin 4 months or so overland to eventually reach our next flight from Buenos Aires to Sao Paulo. then after about 6 weeks in Brazil and a trek down the amazon we fly out of Manaus to Caracas in Venezuela, then a bit more overland and back for the next flight to Bogota for a trip around Columbia before the flight back to San Jose and home ( well , we dont actually have a home, but we are coming back to Europe for a wedding :-) now thats dedication !

this is ( for those inthe know) the exact opposite iof what we had planned to do, but life is no fun wiithout suprises :-)

as far as timelines are concerned... the woord is FLEXIBLE !! ut the floghts are booked so we are going and thats that !! First and only non changeable flight is the outward on 31st October !

So thats that, not a lot else going on except for a groovy sounding wedding next weekend ( must write my speech ASAP!) and some shopping, and more food than you could possibly imagine as this isif the first time in years we have spent so much time with family, and English mothers are like the bearers of the horn of plenty, no matter what you say.. to them you are NEVER FULL and there is always room for more cake and sausages !.

I am also trying  to re-adjust to not working (which I must say is NOT easy.. I am checking my mobile like it was a blackberry and getting all het up about making lists as I feel I should be doing more !! so much for the easy life,.. still It is great not wearing a suit :-)
well that should be enough to bore anyone dumb enough to keep reading this far.. until next time.

davidgilbertbrown says:
Hi Mate,

Have a great trip. I am so jealous. Michelle and myself have booked a date for our wedding in Aberdeen. It will be on the 17th July 2009. I would love it if you and H would be able to make it, if you are back in the country. keep in touch. Post pics on facebook as you travel.
Posted on: Oct 15, 2008
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