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Schnell, Schnell Kartoffelkopf....!

There I was, 1 bottle of wine down, one to go, and thought it was about time to start sorting this crap out. 3 weeks more work, three weeks of "personal"  sorting out then .. whoooosh ! off , up up and away for the best part of a year on a continent that I have no knowledge about, no personal link to, and to sum it up.. no clue.

Still , beats work and lets be honest, what an opportunity! Well I guess a lot of people make this opportunity for themselves, but still, is nothing to be sniffed at ! But South America, why? I mean even when I was a student I never had a Che Guevara T-shirt or poster, I did have some dodgy guatemalan trousers at some pont, but I blame that on the drugs more than any deep seated urge to go all ethnic ( plus they were cheap!) The easy answer is, of course, WHY NOT !! and so off we go..

But , as much as I would like to be a free and easy soul, wandering off into the sunset like a less tormented David Banner, there is a shedload of stuff to do beforehand... leave work, pack up and leave germany, sort out where to go etc ..etc, and to me, this is all part of the trip. As such I thought I would use this opportunity to bore people all the more by starting this blog a little early and tracking the torments involved in organising the departure from reality !

I will probably get beored of this very soon, I have the attention span of an ADD pre-pubescent at a Mark Rothko exhibition, but until that time... here we go !!!

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Schnell, Schnell Kartoffelkopf....!
Schnell, Schnell Kartoffelkopf....!
photo by: lauro