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From Papallacta we took a public bus as far as Tena and then a truck into the Amazon to stay with Delphine and his family. Again the accomodation was better than expected (OK the showers were cold but this is the jungle, innit) and we weren't too harrassed by bitey things. There was a covered area with hammocks for relaxing in after our journey or just whenever the lazy mood took us. Only grumble was the cockerel who roosted under our cabin and crowed through the night. I'm beginning to suspect cockerels don't like me - they're plotting around the globe now.... you wait and see, cockerels are going to try and take over the world by reducing us to sleepless zombies!

The first full day in the jungle saw us donning our wellies for a walk round the jungle while Delphine showed us the plants they used for medicines, food and shooting things with.

Post lunch (awesome food, scary portion sizes) it was wellie time again as we trekked back into the jungle along a river with climbs up and down waterfalls and scrambling along ledges. Definitely one of my highlights of the trip! Obviously Bridget and I were the best... first and fastest up the climbs :)

That evening delphine and his family showed us some of their traditional dances, a wedding ceremony (congratulations to Kelly and Bas on their nuptuals) and a shaman cleansing. Jem's dancing will stick in the memory for a very long time!

Next day we visited a local school on the way to white-water rafting. The children's english was much better than our Spanish as we all attempted to share some basic information about ourselves but at least it seemed to amuse them! After leaving gifts of food and a photo session we left for the main event of the day - rafting on the Napa river.

After a safety briefing we headed out onto the water which was much higher than the guides were expecting due to rain overnight, for us it just made it more fun! Guess that's the benefit of ignorance! We had 5 in our boat: the instructor, Henry our tour guide, Jem, Bridget and myself. The day was fantastic - rafting aside (hard work but immense fun, words don't really do it justice) highlights included watching Jem's face as we bounced off a cliff, an amazing spread at lunchtime, Bridget getting stuck like an upturned turtle in the bottom of the boat, games on the beach (I still think I could have beaten Bridget if she hadn't boobie trapped my section of the beach) and driving along in the open boot of a 4x4, drinking beer and listening to AC/DC. So Bridget is now also a rafting convert.... perhaps I should rename the blog to be 'rafting trips throughout South America'.

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photo by: Paulovic