You are so white,you white like chicken!'

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Today we were supposed to spread our wings a little and go further into Goa, by taking a trip to Panjii the capital, however we felt so sick on the walk to get a taxi that we turned back and chilled to some films on TV (yes we have a TV!!!!!!!!!!). Lesson 1- we need to make sure we eat properly!-whoops!
We eventually felt better and decided to head to the beach again to chill with our books, we had after all promised Batman an outing- and we've brought him all this way it would be rude not to take him somewhere!! Will we be pounced on by greedy sellers again- its a chance we will have to take! At first they were nowhere to be seen- we had done it- HA! Backpackers 1: Sellers 1! there were however a herd of cows walking down the beach- THE BEACH! It was very surreal. They stopped and turned as if to look out to sea- i think one definitely wanted to go surfing! So we settled into reading (those who know me well enough will know that once I'm in my book its really hard to pull me out!) after a while we became aware of voices near us, and lots of them at that- what was going on? We looked up and were surrounded by loads of Indian men just staring at us! What on earth were they looking at? Il be honest at home i would just tell them where to go but here who knows what they might do so we decided the best strategy was to simply ignore them and hope they would get bored- have they NEVER seen a white girl before?
After the scary men moved on we went back happily to our books when i suddenly heard 'excuse me,' 'excuse me are you English?' In my head i was thinking 'oh no not another sales pitch and was getting ready to tell them i didn't want to buy a necklace, a bracelet or what ever else they had in their shop when hang on a minute out of the corner of my eye i noticed blonde curly hair! Indians don't have blonde curly hair! I looked up and there in front of us were Hannah and Becky- English people! HOORAH! We got chatting, they were nice and funny and most importantly they weren't trying to sell us anything! We arranged to meet up later that evening but not before... yes you guessed it- we were pounced on by more bloody sellers! This time they tried a different tactic- instead of the heard sell we got 'what is your name?', 'where you from?', 'Your so pale, you will burn, make sure you put suncream on' 'you are white like Indian Barbie (I have since looked at Indian Barbie and she definitely has darker skin than me so perhaps they were just being nice!) and my favourite: 'Your so white you white like chicken!' That was hilarious how i kept a straight face is beyond me!
On our way back from drinks with the girls I realised just how dark India is- there are of course very few street lights- Me thinks the wind up torch may prove its weight in gold!
I also feel it necessary to take a moment and share with you something I learned about my dear best friend today. I never knew she had such a... special talent!.... She can play her belly like a bongo drum- we have decided that an apt name for such a delight is 'Bongo Belly!' Its.... AMAZING, she can play actual tunes on it!
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photo by: msarkar2810