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Today we are moving on again, its time to head to Thailand with a 'short stop in Delhi first. We get up at 3.30 to be at the airport for 5.30. We arrive and see a big queue, an airport that is closed and no sign of our flight number- 'there is only one airport in Katmandu isn't there?'- Eek! So we wait and wait some more until we finally get in to check in!

We get to the front of the check in desk and are told 'you have not confirmed your seats- you aren't on this flight.' 'What?' We didn't know we had to confirm (obviously having a paper ticket with borading pass doesn't mean you have a seat- silly me!) 'what do we do?' 'You wait' So we wait and we wait and we wait a bit longer! Chcek closes. There are no seats. F#@!. So off I stop to get a refund on the airport tax. Im queueing, get more and more annoyed. I get to the counter and I hear 'STTEEEEPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPHHHHHHHHHHH!'. I turn round 'They think they've got us on a flight' 'What? Oh god really- yay'. Over we go to the check in desk. There is a family of four trying to get on the plane too. There are only 2 seats its between us and them- we get the seats- HOORAH! But oh no the plane leaves in 13 minutes!

We run up the stairs to immigration- they open a kiosk just for us! We run to security. My bag gets through (phew!) I go through the scanner and get flet up so intimately i wondered if she was going to get some latex gloves out! I look bag and Fanny's bag has been pulled and they're going through it.NOOOOOO! I think Batman maybe be the death of both of us!

Phew she's done. Off we run down the tunnel-we are being told to hurry. We get outside- there's our plane! I get stopped- another damn security guard who wanted to get close- eek! We get on- yes we had become 'those people you hate- who make the plane leave late on airport! I get rushed to my seat. I sit down, Look up and see Fanny being shown to hers - at the front of the plane! Oh my god she is in First Class! How on earth did she manage that?! I meanwhile get sat with 2 fat snoring Indians! Think Il read my book!...... We take off 10 mins late.

We touch down in Delhi, India- great back here again! Its 9.30am- our flight to Bangkok is not until 11.30pm! So what shall we do to while away the 14 hours?! We watch tv shows on Fanny's ipod and I read my book!


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photo by: sharonburgher