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Today was our last full day in Goa, before heading South to Kerella. We felt that we had to make the most of it and so prepared to head off for a day in Panjii. Not before meeting the girls for breakfast. We arranged with the hostel owner to take a taxi around for the day- first stop the Spice Farm/Plantation.

What can I say?- It was fantastic! We saw 2 beautiful Indian Elephants- they are so calming and have such a lovely aurora. I have decided I want a pet elephant! Iv been told I cant have a pet cow so maybe Il be allowed an elephant!!!!!!!!!!!!! They're very cheap to buy! On our walk down the track to the plantation we saw a HUGE spider- we asked if it was poisonous and our driver didn't know- I think perhaps we'll stay away from it then! We were given a delicious meal that had this yummy yellow cabbage dish with coconuts- I ate all mine and Susie's!I think perhaps Susie doesnt like Spicy food as she didnt eat much of it! Next was the guide through the plantation and needless to say we both didnt know we knew so little about spices for example: Bayleaves come from the same tree that Cinnamon comes from, Banana trees only produce one crop before they die (not before they leave a young tree in their place!), Nutmeg has really amazing healing properties, however if you eat a whole nutmeg it will kill you! We were also intigued by some harvesting techniques that were shown to us. This guy climbs to the top of the tree using a coil of rope (though its so thin its more like string!) around his feet. Its very odd and a little scary! To get across to other trees he swings to the other tree and uses his feet to hold on! To get down he just slides down- eek!

Our driver then took us to a very pretty Hindu temple (for which God Im not sure Hinduism is very complex) where we gave some orange flowers to the Gods (again not sure what for- i hope it was so that good will happen!). As Goa is predominantly Roman Catholic we thought we'd better visit a church- the one we were taken to was massive! It wasnt as ornate as the ones we get in Europe but it was very striking. We even saw a tomb of someone Im sure is important where we could see the actual body- thats right the decaying body- eww!

Our driver took us to a beach in Panjii (the capital of the state) where we nearly played football!

Along day of sightseeing left us quite tired- not tired enough to miss cocktails (which went straight to my head!), dinner and a game of Shithead (thats a card game Mum) with the Hannah and Becky. Just when we were ready to leave for our hostel we learned that the beach we had to walk across was the beach where the 15 year old got murdered last year! Oh great so nice and safe then! It scared the absolute crap out of us the whole walk back. To distract ourselves, we began our infamous verbal diorreah, where I found out my best friend Fanny likes Lychees! 'Lychees does anyone actually eat Lychees?!'
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photo by: msarkar2810