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After a long flight we arrived from Heathrow to Mumbai. We then had to make our connection to Goa which was ok- everyone was really helpful- probably because Susie and I looked well um like tourists! And we had our usual dazed and confused facial expression!

The taxi ride here was eventful to say the least- no one prepares you for the fact that Indian drivers are Crazy! The drivers don't seem to understand the concept of lane disicpine, literally driving at the designated point all at once without giving way! On several occaisons I thought a fight was going to break out between our driver and another one! They also over take as often as they can even if it means driving on the wrong side of the road, which our driver did practically the whole time. Apparently swerving at the last minute to avoid on coming traffic is fine! The only thing they seem bothered about hitting is the cows at the side of the road or the speed bumps! The journey has however meant that we have learned some 'Indian' already- Im pretty sure that 'Honk Honk' on a car horn means 'Get out of my way' or 'I am here- MOVE!'. For some reason I found this absolutley hilarious and spent most of the half an hour journey in a state of stifled giggles! The journey was beautiflul- there is thick jungle all around. I was really surprised that everything is so green- I was expecting it to be a lot more baron and sandy. I was expecting the wild dogs running about, mud huts, vast numbers of people walking down the side of the road. Mind you it has been monsoon season!

When we arrived everyone was very friendly- however we must have stank and looked like a state because the hostel owner kept telling us to have a shower!

Once a little refreshed we went and explored the beach! It was very pretty but it was overcast (had it not been so damn hot I would have thought it was England!) so the beautiful sunset we were promised was sadly lacking- still there is always tonight and seeing as how the sun is shining and its not so overcast I have high hopes for this evening. 

Not sure where we are headed next I will write a better blog entry next time xxx

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Today was a lot more chilled out after yesterday's traveling. We were refreshed and eager to explore Anjuna. After informing our lved ones that we were here safe and sound we decided to go for a walk and see what we could find! We met our neighbour;- Rosie who was very friendly and jolly! We found more flipping sellers; 'you want to come in my shop?', 'you want to buy this' and that- 'well no actually i don't' but apparently they don't understand that! We met a herd of cows walking down the side of the road- just like they do on the pictures on the telly! Its very exciting! We also saw a herd of pigs during a rain shower- their shepherd (or whatever a pig person is called!?) was most definitely off his rocker!
When we stopped for lunch I thought Id give my stomach a rest with the spice (still feeling slightly dodgy after the plane food!) so I ordered pasta thinking it would be the safe option- oh how naive of me! The waiter placed the plate in front of me with what i can only describe as green pastary slime- hmm! It turned out to be nice- but green?! Seriously!
Anjuna is a lot more green than i thought it would be, i imagined it to be a lot more barren, but the Monsoon season has we are told just finished which may explain it!
We saw a very funny sight today- a giant fat rat ran past followed a few minutes later by a very skinny cat- we half expected it to come running back being chased by the rat as the rat clearly out weighed the cat by at least 10kg!
photo by: msarkar2810