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Right my lovely people- Iv been a bit crap witht he old blogging malarky but Im going to do better. I will slowly update the rest of the trip so far but thought Id catch you all up with Laos etc first!

Today we went on a boat for an hour (yes another one) along the Makong River (I think this goes trhough Cambodia as well- its very big) to Pak Ou Caves/ Tam Ting Caves, these were in the side of a cliff along the river and apparently contained over 4000 Buddha figures when they excavated it! It was very pretty and worth the climb! One thing that really upset me was the sellers along the walk up who were selling birds in little cages for you to free- this looked really cruel and as much as I wanted to free all the birds I didnt know wheter paying the money would simply condone this behaviour.

The boat trip itself was really enjoyable- we motored along the fast flowing river through scnery which is stunning. It has lots of big hills/mountains which are covered in thick jungle. For fans of the TV show it's like something off the set of Lost- if I didnt know where it was filmed I would swear it was here! There are even expanses of field with palm trees on that look like a polar bear might coming charging out of!  There were several points during the course of the morning where we had to get on and off the boat which caused amusemnt to our fellow travellers and the boatman! First we had to climb a wall onto the river bank (stepping down bought back scary flash backs from a certain incident in the Gangees!). There was another point where Fanny nearly did the spilts inbetween two boats into the river- unfortuneatley she didnt go in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The boatman took us to a river village which Fanny says was a whiskey vilage but I only saw one market stall with whiskey on so i don't know if she's making it up or not! The bottles of Laos whiskey had some very random things in them 'for flavour' some had dead snakes in, others had scorpions in! Very odd! There were some very cute ducklings here that I wanted to pinch- Fanny wouldn't let me though! Lots of jewllery was purchased!

Back on dry land the next stop after lunch was the Kunang Si waterfalls. On the way up to the waterfall we went past a Bear rescue centre. These were Asiaatic Black Bears (aka Moon Bears) that were rescued by the Laos authorities from poachers who had killed their mums. There were SO cute and looked like they would be nice to cuddle! They were also very lazy- just lounging around on hammocks and beds in the forrest- seems like a very good life to me!

We trekked up to the waterfall through forrest where the tourist borad had very kindly placed names of plants around for everyone to see- do I remember any- nope! The waterfalls were lovely- very blue- just like you see in the pictures- gorgeous! There were several opportunities to swim but I must admit we wimped out because it looked really deep! Loads of people were though so we opted for sitting on a rock while dipping our feet in a small rock pool- where a crab came top say hello, as did something else- some hairy man who was off for a swim decided to show Fanny his willy- why? we dont really know, but he soon put it away again!!!!!!!!

I bought more stuff when we got back to the Night market here in Luang Prabang- I bougjht not one but two paintings- whoops, still they arent as big as the 3 elephants and 1 tiger!
judepippa says:
about time you updated, just remember you have a luggage allowance..... Yvonne
Posted on: Nov 21, 2008
jojostevie says:
haha poor guys getting flashed!!!
Posted on: Nov 13, 2008
spoose says:
Why does everyone want to show me there willy!
Posted on: Nov 13, 2008
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Luang Prabang
photo by: oxangu2