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Today was the day to brave the trains and journey into the unknown! 2 out of 3 padlocks were broken (the hostel owner had to cut one off my backpack with a saw!). Would we get a train- we hadn't booked so there was a chance we wouldn't get one! As we drove out of Goa I felt a bit nostalgic for the last few days (though it felt like we'd been there longer than just 4 days). I stared out of the window- I wondered what Kerella had in store for us and what would it look like? Would it be the same lush jungle or would it be dusty and more dessert like. I hoped it was as pretty as Goa with their brightly painted buildings dotted about, in amongst the trees?

With the aid of our driver we got a train ticket- phew! It was in 3 AC- what would that be like? Eek! The train wasn't for a few hours so we had to wait on the sweltering, smelly platform. Maybe it would be a great opportunity to become less 'white like (raw) chicken' and more like golden 'cooked' chicken'! There were men everywhere.  Men that had clearly never seen white girls before because they wouldnt stop staring at us.  Was it because we had 3 heads? Were stunningly beautiful? or was it simply because we were white? It was really starting to get to us.

So the train? It was an hour late- apparently this is always the case and no-one seems to mind- how anyone gets anything done is beyond me! Besides some friendly cockroaches the train wasnt so bad- there were only 4 people in our section thank goodness. There had been about 15 women on the platform with about 2 suitcases each- how were they going to fit onto a train?!!!!!!!!!!!

We passed our 16 hours by reading, writing home, Fanny teaching me how to play Black Jack (I had decided it was time I learnt!) and giggling a lot (now theres a surprise!). It got to about 9pm and settling down time on the train before i realised that my trird and final padlock was also broken- by broken i mean it had changed its combination itself (yes i dont know how it did that either!) and locked my bag! I couldnt get into Helen! Imsure stupid things like that only happen to me!

Ah yes Who's Helen? I hear you ask. Well we were missing our lovely friends Helen and Jo and in a light bulb moment on the train it occurred to us that they too could accompany us on the trip. We decided to name our backpacks after them! But who got who? We did best of three on rock paper scissors and I won Helen!

The train was a sleeper but could we get any sleep? Nope. I was exhausted- it had been a long day!
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photo by: msarkar2810