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Susie and I are off in one week on the 17th September 2008. We fly to Goa, India via Mumbai first. Im getting a tad (ok very) anxious! Don't get me wrong Im very excited about going, we have after all been planning this since the beginning of the year! Im just sad to leave my loved ones behind and even though I know they will still be here in 23 weeks and 6 days (24th February 2009)! There are several things Im worried about:

  • Will I get eaten/ attacked by A) sharks (those who know me well enough will know this is a big fear of mine- even when Im in the shower!); B) Spiders and snakes (enough said I feel!); C) Miscellaneous creatures such as other bugs, tigers, elephants and D) Susie (well she can be very scary sometimes!)?
  • Will Susie and I get thrown off planes/ buses or trains for giggling and just generally being too noisy? (Feel this is more likely than all of the above combined!) 
  • Will my lovely man be here when I get back?
  • Will I run out of money and have to sell Susie?
  • Just how many (if any) camels could I get for Susie if I need to sell her?
  • Will Susie kill me for my blog entry?!

There will no doubt be a vast number of worries that Im afraid I will share with you all over the next week!

When we were planning this initally I didn't quite realise just how much there would be to organise. Still we are getting there slowly- I have achieved 3 things on my list today, admittedly its a very long list so I can't be too pleased with myself!

Until tomorrow!

spoose says:
Right Frank, we wont get eaten or attacked by anything cause we will be so noisy they will all run away

Yes we will be thrown off a bus just hopefully not a plane cause i cant fly

Of course he will

Im selling u first

I think u will get at least an elephant ... kinda a like for like swap!!! but when i sell you i feel i may get skunks cause of ur smelly arse

Susie wont kill u but will bite (not nibble)

Today is infact tomorrow night and no blog. You are already crap at keeping this updated. Bite again!
Posted on: Sep 11, 2008
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