So this is where they've been hiding them!!!!

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..and at long last the search is over!!!

PARP PARP HONK HONK POOP POOP AND ALL THAT JIZZ!!! yEAH YEAH YEAH BABY!!! So we made it to Thrissur by about half seven and after finding a new home, cracking open a little booze to christen the room, and ordering some room service chinoise ( which turned up in a carrier bag, with all the seperate bits in other lirttle bags, no plates, cutlery oh no, nothing that simple!!!) we settled down to watch the greatest programme on tv over here - the amazing race Asia!!! Fantastic programme and somehow every saturday when it's on we  have a room with a tv!!! Anyway we're watching the tv and they're only in Kerala ( where we are) and they're only in an Elephant sanctuary!!! Well, this has to be a sign and after a quick check in the guidowe discover that in Guyavanour, a mere 33 km down the road we too can be there!!! So the plan is set and we know what we have to do tomorrow.

Saw this and thought of you Pops!!!

Well to cut a long and not particularly interesting story short on the way there we saw a phant, and on the road, all free and easy, we then got to the Sanctuary which was cool and would you believe the actual one from the race last night, and they've got 64 elephants, no sorry make that 62 as two were out working in temples ( daily rate 10,000 rupees if anyones interested!!!!). On the way home we even saw another one in someones garden!!!! So all told we're up to 64 phants in one day!!!!!

That afternoon we're kicking around the city, and decide , just for a change to go and look at their temple - only the outside as yet again non hindus aren't allowed - and so we're killing some time wandering the outside walls and we happen to climb onto a wall to try and peer into the temple ( as you do !!) and what do we see, only more elephants!! Well no wonder there aren't any phants anywhere else in India they're all here!!! Anyway just as we're looking aty them a guy turns up on a motorbike, shit busted we thought, but no, he takes us up the back passageway ( oooh er!!!) and lets us wander around and look at the phants, another nine, -total count 73 whey hey - Surely we've now seen all of Thrissurs phants.

Nelly the Elephant packed his trunk...

...No there's one more, we're just leaving a shop and ones lumbering along at the side of the road, it's five o clock rush hour and he's on his way home from work, well we give chase and just to let you know Chris this major event has been caught for all time on video and will become an integral part of the video diary that is going to bore you and Crow for hours when we get home!!!

SO after 1 phant in two months and the whole of India we have now seen 74 in one day, surely a world record PARP PARP GREAT WHITE ELEPHANT TREKKERS SIGNING OFF, CONTENT AFTER A HARD DAYS SPOTTING HONK HONK !!!

chrisshawyer says:
I can't wait to be bored by the film footage for hours, can we stop for food breaks though?
Posted on: Nov 08, 2008
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..and at long last the search is o…
..and at long last the search is …
Saw this and thought of you Pops!!!
Saw this and thought of you Pops!!!
Nelly the Elephant packed his trun…
Nelly the Elephant packed his tru…
Lunch is served
Lunch is served
theres only more of them!!!
there's only more of them!!!
Take strict note of the rules...
Take strict note of the rules...
...or you may just catch someone o…
...or you may just catch someone …
oh they love us here!!!
oh they love us here!!!
photo by: mrandmrsbreeze