The one with the dead guy !!!

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So what can happen in 27 hours?

You can catch a train from Delhi to Darjeeling,

You can play nine football matches,

You can fly from England to India to England to India and half the way again,

You could have nine lessons in our English school in Italy,

You could watch about 18 movies,


Yes thats right thatis exactly what happened to us on the way to Darjeeling. After one almighty scrum to get on the train , kicked half a dozen Indians out of our seats, we settled down. After a quick look at the other passengers in our zone we can see we've got an old man , his son, his son, two happy looking brothers, four other youngish guys, two women and their hubby, a little girl.........and a guy who looks like shit who can't even sit up and whose lunghi keeps falling open displaying his tackle. Our first thoughts... disgusting bastard cover yourself up.

Well the train starts up and we've got all these people in an area supposedly for eight and this sick dude sprawled out showing off his cock. Anyway a guy next to him keeps trying to cover him up and gives him some water but its obvious all is not well, we ask the people with us whats up and they say fever, we think yeah and the rest!!! After a couple of hours he's getting worse and we're telling the indians to get him off the train and get him to hospital and eventually one of the brothers goes to find the guard. At this point we stop at a station and we're trying to persuade everyonr to get him off and get him some help, and they don't know what to do. Anyway sick guy solves the problem by letting out these horrible little moans and his chest heaves up and down... suddenly a few of the other passengers look worried, he gives a big wheeze another sigh and moan and then quiet!!!

We;re like shit the guys dead, the indians are like no, no just sick, we say he's not moving and his lips are going blue, no, no just sick - yeah whatever the guys brown any one can see that!!!

Next minute the guard arrives and looks at us- what has he taken,he's not our friend we say. Well all i can say is if this guy wasn't dead before, he was after this guard grabbed him by the head and twisted his neck to try and wake him up !!!!

He's dead  we keep saying leave him alone and get him off the train. This goes on for another hour, the guard disappearing and coming back with more supposed doctors who poke him in the eye, slap him, poke him some more and walk off. Anyway another hour goes by, the rest of the passengers are eating their dinner and we're sitting there with dead guy not two feet fronm our faces, can yopu imagine it?

Next station comes and we grab a policeman and he looks at dead guy , shouts at train guard, gets on his phone and rings a proper doctor who arrives half hour later says the guys dead, the poilce dude gets off the train grabs a couple of sewer rat beggars and forces them to carry the now rigid body of dead guy off the train...

Apart from that the journey went pretty smoothly!!!!

huibdos says:
Good luck the poor guy was not driving this Zombie Express.
Posted on: Jun 01, 2009
mfmcp1982 says:
Good grief...nasty.
Posted on: Feb 03, 2009
julesg says:
OMG....What a horrible thing to witness, poor guy.
Posted on: Feb 03, 2009
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