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Only the most famous cinema in India - and we were lucky enough to go there to see Singh is King!!Honk Honk Parp Parp!!

Hard core day. Lots to do..

Train station to book tickets to Agra - DONE

To the Raj Mahal, Indias most famous cinema to book tickets for the evening - DONE

Sightseeing around the old town - LETS GO...

So , all our jobs done and it's still only ten, are we organised or what and I wasn't a scout and Ria wasn't a guide, who needs Baydon Powell !!! From the cinema we walk to the old city where we meet some great local people ( Jaipurians ???) . One took us into a Krishna temple , and explained the whole deal,- very peaceful and then the very next guy we see takes us up four flight s of rusty old stairs to the top of his building and the whole of Jaipur is laid out in front of us, we can see the lot, totally unreal.

We continue walking through the bazaars until we finally stop at a stall to buy some food, we are looking at what the guy is cooking and this random just buys us some - unfortunatley on closer inspection it looks like poo with insects in so at the next available moment its deposited somewhere other than our mouths. Nice of the guy though. I don't thnk it would happen in England somehow.

We walked further through the bazaar up to monkey temple- a really cool temple for the sun full of monkeys , goats and obviously the ever present cows ( no elephants though still, where are they all ??) An old holy guy who lives up by the temple walked up the hill with us and told us which kids were cheaters and other things to watch out for.  What an amazing place, when theres time we'll try and put some shots onhere.

We just had time to dash back to the gaff and get changed before heading to the cinema. What an amazing place it is, a kind of cross between Barbies dream castle and Euro Disney, amazing decor inside, wildly over the top colours and furnishings while outside the city is crumbling??

What a fab day - and  Agra tomorrow...

azsalsa says:
Poo for appetizing :-)
Posted on: Oct 07, 2008
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Only the most famous cinema in Ind…
Only the most famous cinema in In…
photo by: oxangu2