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Top of the temple, 437 steps up.

Trichy....not really where we were aiming for but a pretty nice place once you get used to being in another city and all that goes with it. Indian cities are such a place of contrasts , you've got the ordinary guys and girls that hang around the chai stalls ( indian equivalent of the boozer) who are all really cool and laid back then you've got your hotel staff who look down their noses at you and treat you like shit!!! It only happens in the city, go to the beach and you're welcomed into the hotels/guest houses with open arms ( not always what you need on a hot day with the BO flowing but there you go , can't have it both ways...unless you're David Bowie!!!).

Anyway, so what have we got to see here then, temple...check, temple...check, church...check...ok but first we had to find a place to stay, not an easy job in a holy city with Devali coming up ( indian crimbo kinda thing).

At the chai stall, not quite the pub, but it'll do.
So we pulled out the Lonely planet and set to work...first up Hotel magee, top of LP's sorry only AC and we've bumped up the price to just under 1000 Hotel Guru....  the most obnoxious receptionist in the Shana Lodge.....should have been put off by the line oof cockroaches who were leaving with their backpacks refusing to Hotel Femina ..just managed to get through the door but quickly realised we weren't Feminas type of guest...eventually Hotel Mathura where we were greeted by a smiling receptionist for the first time in Trichy and quickly agreed to stay. A nice room and hot water 24 hrs, a great bed and a big old tv..wah hey!!PARP PARP. Headed out for a bit of a wander and a chat with the locals, all of whom seem really nice, it's been amazing as we have headed down the coast from north to south people seem to be getting nicer and nicer, apart from Trichy's hotel staff that is!! Anyway a couple of chais and a nice meal in an open air place and it's time for bed...Trichys main temple sits on a hill overlooking the city and reached by 437 steps and we're heading there before breckie tomorrow!!!

Wow what a view from up there, unfortunately after climbing all those steps we weren't alowwed in the temple even if I took my top off but we had a peer in and a good look round the outside so that'll do, after all we can see another temple tomorrow!!!

Local bus back to the hotel and again everyone is great trying to chat and generally helping out even when we don't need it . One thing we've discovered about Indians,well two things really come to think of it, they like a mission, they'll search and search for something even when it's plainly obvious it's not there and you can't help but love that and also never ask directions, their sense of direction is worse than mine and I'm like a mole wearing a blindfold!!! It's only taken six weeks but now we struggle on or jump on a bus rather than get sent miles in the wrong direction, anyway don't know why I mentioned that but seemed important ...back at the hotel, pack the bags and we're off again to the bus stand, Madurai here we come, I think there might be a temple there!!!!

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Top of the temple, 437 steps up.
Top of the temple, 437 steps up.
At the chai stall, not quite the p…
At the chai stall, not quite the …
photo by: jose28