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Me... oh and the Taj

4 hours on the train - easy !! Woop woop , parp parp!!!

We are off to visit the biggest monument to love in the world yet you find it surrounded by the biggest piles of rubbish in the world. The last ten k or so before we arrive in Agra is taken up with mountains of plastic bottles, bags and other rubbish everywhere. Surely with the rest of the world trying to recycle as much as they can, its about time India did their bit. 

SORRY, don't know what came over me there. 

Both of us are nice and relaxed until... oh no not again, another hoard outside the station all screaming at us, what's it all about, do they have to pass an exam in being annoying, rude and over bearing before they are given a tuk tuk license???

Anyway finally get on one whose driver turns out to be a complete weirdo ( funny that ) called Killler!! nice name!!!

We're staying at Shanti Lodge which Lonely Planet reckons is the pick of the bunch - WRONG - our room is a shit pit but we have an awesome Taj view. Also upstairs the restaurant has an even better one and as we're here for the Taj we decide to stay.

We throw our bags down and we're off to explore the Taj, which as it happens is at the end of the road ( how cool is that?) .

It really is awe insipiring , words cannot describe how amazing it is, so I won't!! ha ha ha


maloynandi says:
Yes, thats the third world - the EAST......not like England where no body cares for other...its only money and personal interst which matter in WEST!!!
Posted on: Mar 12, 2010
azsalsa says:
Guess that's what third world is all about!
Posted on: Oct 07, 2008
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Me... oh and the Taj
Me... oh and the Taj
My wife and the Taj...both incredi…
My wife and the Taj...both incred…
......and again!!!
......and again!!!
photo by: rotorhead85