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hmmmm nice rocks!!!!

We came, we saw, we left ........ but what we saw from the bus station was good !!!!!

Half an hour is all we had after our 23 hr journey from Puerto Iguazu and then we were back on another bus bound for La Quita. We had great seats though, the real penthouse creme de la creme top banana perches at the front on the top deck , loads of room !!!!  A right couple of dodgy geezers driving the bus though, first they tried to charge us for our bags, then they picked up some tart from the side of the road and had her in the cab with them before dropping her off again ( hhhmmmmmm ) , they made random old stops too to pick up furniture from the back of trucks, we got stopped and searched half a dozen times and the guards would shout at our dudes each time, and then they nicked all the wine and soft drinks they were supposed to serve us and took them with them !!! All that said however old Pedro and Paul Dixon were nice enough in that old crafty cockney little bit wee little bit way sort of way !!!!!!!

Talking of things a little bit weird, I forgot to say about our last hostel in Puerto the Oasis, it was owned and run by these two gay gays who seemed really nice but they had this great old logo for the hostel where the ´o´ from oasis was a much much lighter shade than the rest of the name and the ´i´ was a palm tree so all that was left of the name were these three big letters saying:

                        Welcome to the     ASS hostel

well they must have been a little disappointed when we turned up hey ????? Funny though.

not a lot round here then
..made me was a nice place too and had only just opened and they´re still doing it up but i´m sure that once they have been open a little while longer they´ll have loads of travelerrs hanging out at their  ´ass´hostel  ...wonder if possibly they may start running  ¨áss offers ´ HE HE HE  sorry maybe even two for ones HA HA HA  right gonna stop now and I apologise for my schoolboy humour !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Won´t happen again...

Oh look at that, I´ve only just noticed that old apostrophe´s back YIPPPEEEEE

 Anyway  almost in Bolivia  now ....

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hmmmm nice rocks!!!!
hmmmm nice rocks!!!!
not a lot round here then
not a lot round here then
hang on a minute thats our bus
hang on a minute that's our bus
photo by: wvijvers