OH MY BUDDAH, we've only seen an elephant!!!!

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Yes, I know it's difficult to believe and in a way it seems like the end of an era but the quest has reached a conclusion, today at a little after 12 midday we saw our first phant...yes you didn't mis read, an elephant in India!!!!!!!!!!! Not only did we see it we photographed it, it blessed Ria and we caught the whole thing on video!! It all hapened at an amazing temple in Pondy called something Vinegar something, a beautiful place full of amazing Ganeshes etc etc. It was the start of a fantastic day here and even though it pretty much rained the entire time our spirits never dropped from that first glimpse of the mighty phant.

We arrived in Pondy last night and quickly realised that life in the ashram where we planned to stay wasn't for us... no booze, no talking , no snouting, pretty much no nothing ( if thats not a double negative).

Goddam hippies
We moved further down the road to a great place in the French area on Via Lebourgenaise and had a great night there sampling some fantastic duty free boze and the second best cuzza we've had in India( the best being the Jalfrezi in Calcutta...oh that was a beaut!!)

Anyway we were up and about dead early this morn sorting out how to get to lands end ( no chance its festival time and everythings full, so we're off to Trichy tomorrow instead) and then headed to the this temple of Vinegar where we saw the phant.....after we recovered sufficiently we went down to Sri aurotsomething Ashram where 'the mother' used to be in charge and wandered around there, it was very peaceful and you can see why its popular, we bought a couple of boks ( meditation and peace and happiness for beginners or something like that and boked ourselves onto a tour up to Auroville, a commune/ perfect community/xanadu/cult that was formed here in the seventies.

The whole idea was to form a society for the greater good of everyone there and to live only to improve that society and improve the world as a whole. Theres this massive golf ball made of gold called the matrimoda with an inner rom for meditating where the sun shines in onto a crystal and promotes total calm, the population is made up of scientists and researchers and artists and they form a cooperative of sorts, col idea and I hope it all hapens for them because we had a great trip out there and its set in some really nice countryside. After that we went to see this massive hindu temple, massive as in high not wide, really kind of weird , a huge tiger and ganesh with skulls round her neck, all the guys had to strip to their waists to go in , all very od but really interesting.(photos to come)

Later we gourged out on French bread, cheese and our first lettuce in India, oh what a picnic we had, you can't believe how god it tasted after all this time , wow baby wow baby wow.

a very weird character...and a statue
...anyway this is turning into a bit of a ramble so we're off...tomorrow it's Trichy, another bus journey......HONK HONK FULL OF BAGUETTE PARP PARP STILL NO REAL GARLIC BUT NON IMPORTANTE POP POP....WE SAW AN ELEPHANT ......OOOOO LA LA

anupa_rk says:
Sri Aurobindo Ashram :)
Posted on: Aug 28, 2009
chrisshawyer says:
WAHAY you finally saw a phant that's phantastic! It sounds lovely where you are now I'm so jealous.I'm still loving the travelblog. any sign of lettuce yet? Pops XXXX
Posted on: Oct 25, 2008
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Goddam hippies
Goddam hippies
a very weird character...and a sta…
a very weird character...and a st…
photo by: joehobo