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We're writing this from the first stop on our multi leg journey to Mamallapuran. We left Puri this morning at 6:30 with both sadness and excitement,sadness for leaving Puri which was something of a saviour to us. When we washed up in Puri it was like a life saving desert island in the stormy sea which India had become!! We were both mentally and physically drained from the constant travelling and haranging from every Tom Dick and Raj!!! We had seen some fantastic sights but now needed a rest from all the rush and freneticism - and Puri supplied us with just this. Our sadness at leaving only slightly tainted by the banana lady, who had become something of a friend, asking us for a 'present' ( I have three young children at home who never get to eat chicken etc etc...... Jesus I can't remember the last time we ate chicken either but i'm not about to ask someone in the street to buy me some!!)  She kept those kids quiet, never mentioning them before in the last 9 days, I wonder who looks after them all day and night whilst she's wheedling her way into peoples affections!!! It's just so difficult to trust anyone - there always seems to be some angle. Oh well on the flip side Chai boy, chocolate man and new shop guys were all really nice and they didn't want a present when we left!!!

Our trip from Puri to Bhubaneswar took two hours then hanging round the station for another couple -now all we've got to do is get on the train for 22 hours(1214 km) to Chennai , couple of local trains,a ten minute stroll up the road then a 45 minute bus ride to Mamallapuran....no wucking furries!!! All in all it's going to be our longest trip we're going to do in India but we're excited. A new home, a new beach, grilled prawns, bbq's, and booze HONK HONK PARP PARP can't wait!!!!

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photo by: debrasiegel