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The trip over here was a short one, only an hour of waiting at immigration, followed by an hour waiting for some guy who had lost his shoes, followed by an hour bouncing around on the boat!!!!!! We kept ourselves entertained by singing Christmas songs, Right Said Fred and other all time classics - that record contracts only a matter of time now!!!!!!!!!!! We're really gonna be huge!!!!!!!! WOOP WOOP PARP PARP CAN ALMOST FEEL IT AS THE TV LEAVES MY HAND AND FLIES THROUGH THE HOTEL WINDOW INTO THE POOL POOP POOP HONK HONK!!!!!!

We also have our first fans , two middle aged German ladies who thanked us when we got to shore for entertaining them the whole journey!!!!!!!!!!! Groupees HURRAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We book into Geckos again and decide to explore the island, after going into 5 or 6 rental places we finally locate somewhere which actually has cars and get a crackin deal on possibly the smallest car on the island, it's got some ommmf though as Dan ably demonstrates later in our round the island tour.

after being under the waterfall ....HONK HONK PARP PARP
It's a great day starting with the unexpected bonus of spotting a Monitor Lizard eating a snake, what an ugly creature it is, looks like a cross between a dinosaur and a croc with Jeremy Beadles face ( not now Chris, when he was alive!!!) and don't worry Chris I did the whole Steve Irwin investigation bit and fot the little beauty on film!!!!!!!

After bumping intohim we continued on, ending up at at one of the islands waterfalls which Ria , Dan and I swam in, and yes it's on film too, don't worry. We then went onto Seven Wells falls where we investigated the waterfall there, Dan sliding down half of it on his arse before landing at the bottom extremely bruised, which before you ask Chris is again on you can't wait!!! There's 4 and a half hours on film now and still six months to go, better take the week off work hey!!!!!!!

From there it was back to base and a few bevvies on the beach watching a fantastic sunset - see photo of Bruv and Bruv below - then along the beach for a bit of tea, which included the worst burgers ever created by man, that'll teach us to have something Western for a change eh??? A few more beers then back to base for an early night amazingly enough, back to KL in the morning for some hot water.

bruv and bruv can probably smell my pits in England!!!!!!!!

Langkawi is cool...........see you again in February  Langkers

chrisshawyer says:
can't wait to watch those films. I'll book the whole fortnight just to be sure....see you ssssssooooooonn
Posted on: Jan 17, 2009
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after being under the waterfall ..…
after being under the waterfall .…
bruv and bruv
bruv and bruv
onto the next one
onto the next one
photo by: Mezmerized