Driving the North Island in Bert the High Class Pleasure seeking Vehicle

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Bert the beautiful high class pleasure seeking vehicle !!!!

What an amazing time we had in New Zealand, we both loved every minute of it and simply had the best time ever!!!

We had a great flight fom Fiji to Auckland where the stewardesses were amazingly generous with their pourings and as such we landed very comfortably, relaxed and really wanting to stay on the plane for another 4 hours!!!! Eventually however they made us get off and after a quick call to Scott at our hostel he was there in minutes and we were being shown into our room for the night and after a quick trip to the supermarket for eggs and a booze hit it was time to hit the hay....................unfortunately we couldn,t find any so we went to sleep instead!!!!!!!!!! HA HA

We were up early next day as it was pick up Camper Day WOOP WOOP PARP PARP !!!!!!!!!!! Scott gave us a lift down to get him and oh what a beauty he was, big and white with some light blue stripes, a definate Bert if ever there was one, so after a quick run down on the controls we were away on the open road, a quick stop off at Pauls mums house for a cup of coffee and a showing off of Bert and we were on the road again.

yep there we are
........in the complete wrong direction but hey we were on the move!!!!!!!!!!!! Twenty minutes later and we.ve turned the beast around and yes there,s a sign for the Coromandel we,re in the right direction ....POOP POOP H.C.P.S.V PARP PARP !!!

Sorry about the apostrophe,s but they have disappeared somewhere and so you{re going to have to put up with either this { or this , as that,s what{s in their place....Weird or what????????????? and just what is this symbol ññññññññññ ?????????

So where was i .........hhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm oh yes turned around yeah and off we went ...got it.......so Bert is on the open road and we{re heading for the Coromandel. Every thing went so smoothly theresnot really anything to report, top speed hit was about 95 and we didn{t get into 5th gear but hey theres still 6 days WOOP WOOP, we had a toilet stop in Waiomu and that{s a really nice place if you get the chance stop there the beach is nice and the toilets were spotless!!!!! .

eyes on the road please !!!!!
.............at least they were!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just about here Ria spotted a penguin, yes thats right a guin, one of the little guys from Happy Feet , obviously lost and on his own but a real live GUIN!!!!!! oh and we saw a dead beaver on the road.

We arrived in Coromandel town and hit the supermarket, had a look round, a quick co fee then back in Bert and to Shelly beach where we stayed the night, we met a really nice old couple who told us to go to Ha Hei beach, ( not right away we hadn{t pissed them off that quickly !!! ) as it was so nice and quite quiet and Bert would like that!!!

So day1 drew to a close and there was 226 km on the clock - HONK HONK

huibdos says:
Posted on: May 06, 2010
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Bert the beautiful high class plea…
Bert the beautiful high class ple…
yep there we are
yep there we are
eyes on the road please !!!!!
eyes on the road please !!!!!
concentrate now
concentrate now
photo by: Fulla