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We left the hostel early this day and set out on the first leg of our road trip toward Kelowna, in the okenagan Valley. Getting out of Vancouver would prove to be our first challenge, as we managed to get lost while trying to find the highway. After circling for a while, we finally found our bearings and the onramp, we were on our way! This trip was close to 400kms, and would take about 4hrs traveling through the mountains. The roads were great, and the views were fantastic, but this would be nothing compared to what we would see later on our trip, which would be filled with adventure.

We made quick stop in the town of Hope and drove by the city of Meritt before driving over the mountain to reach the okenagan Valley. We Stopped at a tourist post to pick up sonme travel information about the area and started to think about accomodations for the night. After calling some camp sites, we found that most were booked, and were also quite expensive. We found that there were 2 hostels in the town, and decided to try our luck with those. The view from the tourist post was breathtaking, and we looked forward to driving down into the town of Kelowna.

It was a small town, and had a nice relaxed vibe to it, we became familiar with the area quite fast, as it was easy since it was not so large. We made our way to the first hostel and found that it was full. then we went to the second hostel it was the Same Sun hostel, right next to the downtown area.

We went in and they had room, so we checked in and chilled out for a bit after our long drive. This was a nice hostel, it was quite big, and had lounges, more than one computer, and a ping pong table. Mark and I had a ping pong playoff and met a coupe other travellers. We found out that the hostel had organised an outing that evening to goto a bar, but had some time to wait before then so we went out to explore the town. 

We drove around until the outskirst of the town, and what seems like a park area, but there was a small road that went up a hill. With no idea where this went we just decided to follow it and find out. Which turned out to be a great decision, because this road went up a hill winding back and forth untill you reach the top. then we parked and walked up the rest of the way, just a couple of minutes, not very far, and we found ourselves at a lookout over the entire town of Kelowna and the Okenagan valley! we were quite surprised, and very pleased to have accidentally stumbled on such a nice site! we later found that this was called "Knox mountain park" so if you are ever in kelowna make sure to follow that road, and you get a nice view from the top.

We made our way back down and went back to the hostel to meet up for the bar outing. When we got back however we were dissapointed to find out that the event was canceled since no one was interested in going apparently. So we asked where the event was supposed to go, and we decided to go there on our own. The Bar was called Sturgeons hall. It was a small rustic bar with a restaurant upstairs. it was quite full but we managed to find a table in a corner close to the bar. We ordered a couple of pints and found that they were famous for their chicken wings and that they were on special that night. So we decided to or a giant plate full! i think we had a total of 40 with 2 different kinds of sauce. Let me tell you when i saw the size of that plate i could not beleive it. i thought we would never finish those wings, but when we started eating they were the most tasty wings you could ever imagine! I could not stop eating them, and sure enough we did manage to finish, along with a couple more pints.

The bar was decorated with hockey related articles, which we found interesting since we were both hockey fans. Later when we would go to pay we got to talk to the manager, and we told him we were from montreal. he was very nice and we talked about his bar and he told us how everyone goes there to watch hockey during the season, and even some hockey players come to the bar during the off seaon. We asked what else there was to do during the night in this small town, and he said there were a couple places we could go, and there was also the casino. Then we said thank you and lleft. I promised myself that i would one day return to Kelowna so that i could come back to this great bar and enjoy their wings again!

So after enjoying a grreat meal and some beers, we decided to go and check out the casino.

At the casino we played some poker and i ended up winning just over 100$, so that was fun! We spent the rest of the nite wandering around and eventually made it back to the hostel.



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View from the top of Knox Mountain…
View from the top of Knox Mountai…
Sturgeons Hall, where we enjoyed …
Sturgeon's Hall, where we enjoyed…
photo by: world-traveller123