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At last!  2005--missed Eid El-Kebir...2003--missed the Fabulous Wedding of two of Sidi Abdullah's sons and the three-day fantastia in celebration.  2004, just in Tanger, which I love, was difficult logistically, and I did not do a quarter of what I wanted to.

For what it's worth: http://www.flydenver.com/ (cute, n'est ce pas?) Fly Denver...fly Berlin (name probably changed about 1914 and town long gone under the runways)...fly Burlington...fly Salina... If Peanut and Webb had waited a few years to name all this *carp* after themselves, they could have had Lowry--would have been too convenient, I suppose...

the poor deafened denizens of Berlin

Leaving for the airport in four hours, very excited and unable to sleep. Got most things done, ended up having to get a secondary brand of cat food and no Africa phone card for the person who's looking in on the cats--but she says she wouldn't tend to call, which is probably true.  What could we do if she did?

I knew the transits were interesting, but didn't realise how much so until I looked a few minutes ago.  Oh, well, again, can't do anything about it.  And it might just be a good time to be out of the country, or at least away from my workplace specifically.

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DIA (near the obliterated town of Berlin