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my 1st day here was def nice. i instantly luv vienna. the city is beautiful. the cab driver who had taken me to the hostel, which was a mercedez cab, i see a lot of them, he was egyptian and was showing me all the stuff along the way and pointing out what everything was, so it gave me a good idea of where things were. well today i was so dog tired i decided to sleep in. i slept in til 11am, and it felt great. now i have not really done this, one reason is that i dont want to miss out on doing stuff but also in hostels its hard to sleep in. people leaving to catch their trains or planes and just stuff always going on. today the weather was beautiful, it was a nice day and not so hot wwhich was a great change!!!! i got ready and then strolled around the streets close to me, checked out the shops, i luv this city for the simple fact thats its clean and pretty and does not smell! the area im in is also nice.
trams, horses and cars all sharing the roads
i went back to the hostel and took a nap. like i said, today was major leisure for me a good change with all the traveling i have been doing. i then decide to go get some dinner. the cab driver recommended this resturant really close to my hostel, its called centimeter, which u order food in centimeter portions, funky huh. i sit down and there is this girl sitting alone at the table in front of me. sheheard me ask for a english menu, so she asked where i was from, told her the states. she started talking to me and asked me if i wanted to come sit with her and her hubby, he was from texas. she seemed nice so im like sure. i then sit and chat with her and her hubby comes back and i meet him, he is from texas, dallas area, but they are married and he lives in vienna now.
they both are really kool people and we have fun at dinner. they are around same age as me and she, which i canät remember her name at the moment, bad i know, is a doll!! he is just as nice. we were sitting there for like 3 hours talking and eating. i ended up having this interesting meal. it was a polochinta, which is german and hungarian, and is like a thin pancake, usually its sweet and filled with something sweet, but this was not sweet, it was filled with minced meat and spaghetti sauce, and then on the side was this a huge portion of this white sauce, which was like a sour cream and garlic , idk but it was sooo good. very interesting mix but put together it tasted bomb! after dinner they offered to show me around and take me to some kool places tomrw, so we set on them picking me up tomrw from my hostel.
in front of parliament
i really do like this hostel also, it actually i think is a dorm in the fall, set up like that too, where i get my own room and the shower and toilet are communal. the place is good except for the 4 stories of stairs i have to climb to get to my room. whats also great is they do ur laundry for u, and this is fab since i am wearing the last clean clothes i own. tomrw i shall see a bunch of vienna, so im excited, only bad thing so far is that i think i left one of my black sandles in positano hostel, cause i only have one now. grr, i knew i would end up leaving something somewhere. i cant remmeber how to say by in german, but will learn tomrw , im off to bed!
Real_PeaceWarrior says:
Auf wiedershen bis dann!
Posted on: Sep 10, 2008
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trams, horses and cars all sharing…
trams, horses and cars all sharin…
in front of parliament
in front of parliament
photo by: hellenica