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Late night out in barcelona and well one too many drinks!!

Spent the whole day at the beach today. the beaches here are nice, except for one thing, the waves are rough, maybe it was just on this day, but u get in and get knocked around and roughed up, sand in ur bottom, so i spent a lot of it laying out getting a tan. its awesome because there are all these lil resturants to get something to eat right on the beach and they also serve drinks and cocktails. on the beach u can also go topless, which is something i wanted to try, but i could only lay of my tummy and be topless, but man there were a ton of women topless, of all shapes and ages, which does not bother me , hell if ur comfy with urself, go for it. all i could think is someone taking a pic of me and then it showing up on the internet.

us with the locals!!
now the chances of that are prob slim, but i dont need some girls gone wild barcelona out with me in it. also there are these guys who just randomly walk up and down the beach with a cooler trying to sell beer, water or coke. there also are these asian women who walk up and down the beach , selling a massage, saying, hola, massage, 10 euros, massage, over and over again, the whole day, i swear that night when i was sleeping, i kept hearing their voices in my head, saying, hola massage. i stayed at the beach til 6ish and while i was there met this guy named liam. he is from south africa, but is french and in barcelona playing football, which is our version of soccar. now we talked and stuff but i was getting tired and very thirsty and only brought enough euros for lunch because i was worried someone might try and steal my backpack on the beach.
some guys we met
so this guy liam was not wanting me to go, he asked for my number and wanted to go out for dinner. well i did not bring my cell phone with me for this trip but was not super interested or anything cause he was a lil too interested for my liking. so i gave him my email addy. well then after i give it to him, he is like, i really want to see u again and have a relationship with u. well since there is a language barrier, i thought that was his way of saying being friends. so i just nod ok, cause im starvin like marvin & wanting to get the hell out of there. he then says, do u know what i mean, so im like, uhh yea friends. he is like, no, i want us to be in love. im like wtf. i told him, i don't even know u. he then says well we can change that , he said that i captured him.
my french guy in barcelona! dancing at like 4am!
i just get the hell out of there asap after he says this to me.

get back to the hostel and meet then we get ready to go out. we head out to a bar, kool vibe, its dark and red in there and they play all rock and alternative music, which i luv. it quickley becomes packed which makes it fun, everyone is singing and drinking. well the drinks are pricey, so we go out and find this other bar that has a cool vibe, kinda like a coffee house but a bar. the bartender has shots for 2 euros, which is soo good there. i get a vodka and coke and he hands me a can of coke and then gets glass, not a shot glass, but a glass and fills it almost to the top with vodka. holy crap!!! he also did this for helen, and marie who got the same, that is the biggest shot it have ever seen lol

so quickly, everything got fun, we were meeting people and chillin with the cute bartender, hell, they even taught me some irish river dancing. now thats a site, 6 girls , drunk, river dancing.  we made friends with like everyone in that bar. we were hanging with these 2 guys in paticular, and all of a sudden his cellphone got stolen. now i said that in barcelona, u always get appoached by people selling things, random things, well even in a bar at 2am. there are these guys who walk around selling flowers. well he came in the bar and jacked this guys cell phone. so we stayed there til like 3am. we go out on the st, and there are all these people , again , selling stuff, guys walking around with 6 packs of beer selling singles, prositutes, people selling drugs, they have it all. now the place were everything happens in barcelona is this street called las rambalas. during the day, its lined with shops and open street market and random people doing things for money, like they have people dressed up as real live statues, or they have people doing tumbling acts for money, all kinds of things. at night , even at 3am the  street is kicking with a ton of people. me and debra and mary were hungry, so we left marie and helen to get some food. they went to go into this nightclub in this popluar plaza off las rambalas. so we get food and are out in front of the club and these irish guys approach us. this one i was talking to was so cute and so flirty. we sat out there hanging with them for a bit, but really wanted to get in the club. for some reason they would not let mary in, and we wanted to make sure helen and marie were ok, cause marie was pretty drunk when we last saw her. so i came up to the bouncer and he let me a nd debra in and then finally mary, since there was no way in hell we would leave one of us alone. the bouncer would not let the new irish lads we met in tho, but oh darn the club was hot and we wanted in. we get in and see marie, who is feelin a lil sick but recovers and we hit the dance floor, the music in there was great and it was soo kool looking, much better then any club in wilmington.

now i know this might sounds or come off bad, but im trying to say it without it sounding bad, but i have never in my life been hit on soo much as i was in barcelona. as soon as i hit the dance floor, this hot guy grabbed me to dance with him, he was also irish. then some other guy was pulling my hand to dance with me. i had guys waiting in que to dance with me and pulling me toward them. it was nuts, and the thing that made it harder, was they were all freakin hot! it would be so easy if they were not but i wanted to dance with them all. i don't know if its my look they like, but the other 5 girls i was with , this did not happen to them. so i wanted to dance with them all, but the irish guy kept following me around and trying ot break into me dancing and talking to other guys. like i was talking to this cute english surfer looking guy and the irish guy, paul, was pacing and hanging around me and the english guy from london, which i met so many guys that night, its hard for me to remember names lol. then some guy from spain i was with for a while but then i met, peirre, from paris and is a student here in barcelona, very hot and nice and has great tattos. i ended up chillin with him til the club closed, which was 530am, we then exchanged info cause he wanted to hangout tomrw. i felt kinda bad cause irish and spain guy were outside waiting to talk to me and i was still with paris guy. then loraine and helen and i went back to the hostel, since marie was not feeling well debra took her back to the hostel earlier. we got back at 630am, would have been shorter but helen was making out with some scottish guy the whole way home and me and loraine were taking video of this so she can remember it when she is sober lol the scottish guy actually followed us back to the hostel. also did not help that the scottish guy and mary got into a verbal fight on the way back too. i guess there is some tension between the irish and scottish still and well mary is feisty and he made a comment and it all went down hill from there.  i think he thought he was going to come up with us, but u cant do that in hostels. the night guy at reception, or morning guy as it was morning, he had to force this guy out the door cause he was not listening. he was drunk i beleive lol, the guy at reception was like telling us , see u have to be careful around here bring back strangers , made for a interesting end to the night

nightlife here in barcelona is so much fun , clubs are open til 5 or 6am and las rambalas had soo many people up at that time still. but mainly was people selling drugs, saying, u want uppers, and then opening a bag full of drugs , or people selling beer or sex. there are a lot of police out at that time of night , but still all that goes on.

Real_PeaceWarrior says:
I have a feeling the other girls were probably a tad jealous too!
Posted on: Sep 10, 2008
babyaly1 says:
Haha I am loving reading these !! I love European guys ! So passionate & honest ! lol & Yes they are a bit aggressive, but they make you feel like you are the most beautiful girl in the world ! :o)
Posted on: Sep 10, 2008
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Late night out in barcelona and we…
Late night out in barcelona and w…
us with the locals!!
us with the locals!!
some guys we met
some guys we met
my french guy in barcelona! dancin…
my french guy in barcelona! danci…
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