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oh yea the train to budapest!!!
Im in budapest!!! the city where my mom was born and i get to see my culture. arriving last night was ok except i got lost. i have been good up til now, so i then decide to get acab, the guy is like its far, my hostel, and im like ok how much, he is like 6000 huf, which is the hungarian money, which since i just arrived had no idea how much us that is, come to find out thats like 23 euros, crap if only i had been thinking, which i was lost and i so wanted to get to the hostel. ends up costing 27 euros in the end, i got ripped off so bad, which put me in a bad mood but what can i do. i then get to the place and its like the place in vienna, a student dorm. mine has 4 beds in it showr at the end of the hall. i really am not crazy bout the area, up til now i have always stayed right smack in the dab of each city and this was not super far out but not in the hustle bustle either.
saw these along the way on the train in the Hungarian countryside, thought i would snap some pics of them
i did find out there is a market right around the corner and the tram and buss come right up in front, so wish i would have known that. but its a place to sleep and not that expensive, bout 35 us a night. i dont see any places to eat tho close , so i end up going to the bar here , its like a hotel here kinda weird as its part student dorms. get some pizza , hey its cheap and then chill in my room. i end up the next morning getting up early, i originally was going to head back to the train station and find another place to stay, but then the lady in the front desk was showing me how to get around and it was easier then i thought , only 5 min bus ride to center of pest. which budapest is actually split in 2, buda side and pest side.
im on the buda side, which is more historic and hilly but the pest side is the more hustle bustle part of town. i decide to take a bus tour which are good to get a idea of where and what things are. man i covered a lot of miles today. saw a ton of things too. its a nice city, the only thing i dont like is the traffic, they dont use those lil mopeds here a lot like i have seen in other euro cities, so to me the smog and congestion is kinda bad but the city is drop dead amazingly beautiful. i did this until about 6pm,. got some food to take back with me and chilled in the tv room with some guy watching hungariantv, interesting but more talking was done, then waited to get the internet, ug 1 pc here. well i have a ton to do tomrw, today was pretty mellow, which was a nice change. peace
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oh yea the train to budapest!!!
oh yea the train to budapest!!!
saw these along the way on the tra…
saw these along the way on the tr…
photo by: Chokk