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made it home! wow its good to be back in the usa. i missed some things, like ice, dr pepper, my car and well english! the flight was long and customs of course made it longer. who knew that if u have a layover from paris, or foreign, u go thru security and have to recheck ur bags. i only checked my bags initially cause i was like, hey, im done with my trip,  and dont want to carry the backpack around anymore. so in a hour and 45 min layover, i had to wait to go thru customs , then wait for my luggage , recheck it since i did have liquids in it, go back tru security again. i made it just in time, phew! i ended up arriving late , around 830pm and it was good to see my friends. got some wendys and told all my stories to them. it was great cause this trip changed me forever, i saw and did things i never did, i challenged myself, which i lost 14 pounds! all my friends were like omg u lost a ton of weight , haha i thought my clothes were looser , but since i only took 5 outfits, i thought they were loose from washing them a lot lol. my friends also said i looked different, like more at peace and just not stressed and well i am not. i feel like i can now do anything since i have done this. if anyone is reading this and has not done something like this before, i def recommend it, u wont regret it. oh and consider backpacking asia right now, cause europe was super expensive! ;)
zAdventure says:
Wow - I'm sooo happy you wrote this blog while you were traveling, so much detail. I'm going to keep you in mind when I start planning my trip, which is soon, very soon, prob should be already. Asia is also somewhere I've been considering too - is it really that much cheaper?

Thanks for writing this blog - seriously - it's the best, most informative, and relative one I've read so far.

Posted on: Sep 16, 2008
Real_PeaceWarrior says:
Enjoyable read and def ;) shows you really did enjoy yourself over here ......... some photos would be so cool though?
Posted on: Sep 10, 2008
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