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cows!!! each night they bring them in

i cannot believe how nice it is up here. the weather and surroundings remind me of being in the cascade mountains in washington. perfect weather. i lucked out i guess cause when i booked this hostel it said i would be in a room with 6 other people but there is only 1 person in the room. the only thing was this was the first time i have gotten lost on my trip. i could not for the life of me find my hostel. the directions given were horrible. i find it funny that the smallest town i have been to so far is where i got totally lost. i ended up somewhere up the mountain, in fields of cows. there was this older lady sitting out and she kept looking at me, she looked nice so i asked for her help. she spoke no english at all, but put on her shoes and was determined to help me find my hostel.

she walked all the wya bakc into town with me and asked a bunch of people and pointed me in the right direction. i actually was not even in interlaken , the directions where that far off. i still looking back at it have no idea how anyone can find the hostel with those directions lol.  the hostel is soo nice, i feel like heidi or something, its a wooden lodge, has a resturant and its just sooo swiss alps. the guy in my room with me is from south korea. he is nice and we chatted up and he did a hike yesterday for 8 hours, dang. yesterday i pretty much stayed in town and shopped, ton of it to do here, even tho this is a cute lil town, its very swiss proud, so they have swiss rolex watches all over the places, swiss woodwork and swiss army knives, all kinds of original swiss stuff, oh and swiss chocolate!! its to die for.
The hostel! it looks so cute!
oh and there are cows all over the place here, last night, i guess they do this daily at night, all the cows they march on the street with the herders back to their barns. so the hostel is also a lodge hotel so there are normal people staying here, hence, people with kids, uggg the kids in the next room were so loud at 6am, got me and south korea guy up, and we did get each others names, but his english is limited and i can't understand him, or many other people for that matter. pretty much up here they speak french and german, just which one someone is speaking i can't tell lol but there are more people here that speak english, which is nice. i do feel kinda bad that to speak to me people have to speak english and i can't even attempt to speak their language, i def am taking up some lessons when im outta here.
umm ya, breathtaking!

so since we were up, we decided to go do a hike, we are right in the swiss alps, so went on this hike, omg it was like doing a treadmill on super high mode for what seemed like eternity. now i can walk a lot, i have been, everyday, alllll day, but this is a lil different, u are hiking up a mountain. so i learned that south korea guy was also in barcelona around the time i was, and he got his bag stolen. poor guy, he was on the beach, and went to the open shower part to wash some fruit he was eating and this guy said someone on a bike just went by and grabbed his bag and was off with it. i felt bad cause he had his laptop, camera , pda and eurail pass also. lucky he had another bag with his money and passport , but losing all that would have def put a damper on the trip for me.

my room in the hostel, this was the 1st time i got the top bunk, ehhh
i really luved barcelona but dang, its bad for that. so after the hike went back to the lodge and had a amazing breakfast, it was so nice, out on the balcony perfect mountain views. its so relaxing here, i luv it and i def have decided im coming back here b/c they have a ton of outdoor things to do, which i luv the outdoors, i know girly girl me, but i do. so today im taking a train up to jungrafru which is the top of europe , the highest part the trains go, amazing views , can't wait. then later tonight im off to italy, i so wish i was not going , which is why im so back here next year i think. catch up later in italy!!

Real_PeaceWarrior says:
Glad you liked Switzerland, one of my favourite European countries, although kinda expensive
Posted on: Sep 10, 2008
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cows!!! each night they bring them…
cows!!! each night they bring the…
The hostel! it looks so cute!
The hostel! it looks so cute!
umm ya, breathtaking!
umm ya, breathtaking!
my room in the hostel, this was th…
my room in the hostel, this was t…
time to go! :(
time to go! :(
photo by: sherryshakarob