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The past 2 days have been GREAT! After leaving rome the night before i headed off to Naples, from there to catch a ferrie to positano. i get to naples and the guy tells me the ferry does not run but only in the morning, grrr, so i have to take a local train to sorennto and then a bus to positano. everyone, this was tru backpacking, i get to naples and its hot as hell here, and it seems nothing is airconditioned, the train ride was not, the station was not. eww. so then i hope on the local train to sorrento. let me tell u bout this train, its ghetto. naples itself has a very bad rap for being dangerous and pickpocketing, worse then barcelona. well this train is hot, but has windows that are open, a plus since the one to naples had no windows open, just plain dead hot.

naples to me is not a pretty sitting, its dirty, grimey and smelly and the train is the same. the ridestops at every lil nook and crany city, so this train ride takes forver! on top of it there are these creepy looking kids hopping on and off, i think to rob people, and this scary looking one, made eye contact with me and held his hand out asking for money, i just looked away and he starts singing out at the top of his lungs. then hops off at the next stop. if anyone has ever seen the movie hostel, it so reminded me of the bubblegum kid gang in it where the bunch of scary kids go around asking for money.

so after the long freakin ride, end up in sorrento, which is a very nice place, very pretty. i figure out the bus that goes to positano.

its about pm at this time and im dead tired and hot. the bus comes and yay its air conditioned!!! felt amazing. we headed off and OMG THE VIEWS. i have never in my life seen anything like this. the bus goes wayy up on this mountain and these towns are built on the cliffs going down. i have been in mountains before but this topped it off, all the trecking up paid off. now the bus ride is not for the faint at heart. the roads are small and windy going up the hill. i mean curves , no straight rd in site. i kept wondering why the bus driver was honking the horn so much, well when he goes around a corner he has to honk to warn the alternate side driving. also, he was flooring it, its a good thing i had not eaten dinner, cause it would have come up.
trekking in the morning, and it was still hott!!!
i have never seen anyone drive a bus so fast in my life, and up a hill with the curviest roads i have ever seen. ok im going to pause for a sec b-c i have to tell everyone, im sitting in a internet cafe in naples, which is hidden in this back rd the internet is slow as hell and its loud and smokey in here and 2 italian guys are goin at it in a loud fight right now. oh traveling, soo interesting at times. so back to the bus ride, the views, ijust could not stop staring, and the rd is right off the edge of the cliffs going up and being on a bus up high, wow, if ur afraid of heights, dont go here. so the bus ride is about an hour and reach positano. this place is incredible, words cannot describe it. its this small town, perched on the cliffs off this mountain, and right off the almalfi coast.
there are coats out and its a tru italian town. my hostel was located higher up, so the view was off the chart, it even has a terrace off the bar looking off the cliffs to the coast and the town.

i get in late around 9 and just had enough energy to get some pizza and go to my room and meet a girl named jane a aussie. she is traveling throughout italy, and then meet some other aussie girls traveling also. we chit chat and then head to bed.

next morning i wake up and meet this other girl in my room who came in late and she is from north carolina. from asheville and she is also traveling throughout italy. so we were eating breakfast, which this is the first hostel that makes ur breakfast for u, which was nice, i got pancakes, which was the only american thing on there and i wanted some good home food and it was ok, she put chocolate on it, wayy too rich for 8am.

so kate, me and jane head off to the beach. its hot here so let me give u a good mental pic, everyone is sweating, myself as the other girls , have never sweat this much in my life. the beach and positano is sooo nice. it reminds me of santorini or something like that but very dramatic views. the town has a small town vide where people know people. the beach is nice, waves calm. i did want to pompii today, and jane had gone so i went off to go myself, which required taking that dang bus and local train just to get there. so went there, very very kool. its a lot bigger then i thought ton of walking around but very much worth it. after i thought i was done this italian guy who works there, 30s, comes up to me and asks if i need help. i just said i need the exit and he shows me but then starts walking with me.
he does not speak much english. he starts giving me a tour. im like ok, it was interesting , he knew a ton about the place. he keeps using the word pornography, and so im thinking communication difference we are having, well then he takes me to this builing with lil rooms and rock , what looks like beds and there are pictures above everything. well i look closer at the pics and they are porn! people doing different things, come to find out that was the brothel back then they had and the pics over the rooms were what went on in each room. ok so atleast he stopped staying porn, now he is being very sweet, but im still sketchy ffrom what happened in floence, well he is nice cause its rocly and climing all over rocks to see and get to sites there is something u have to do, so he is like offering to help me and stuff, then he starts taking me to all the places that were locked off to the public, places which were so cool, but the time i was there was around 4pm and not a lot of people were there, and going to theser places blocked off from the public is worse cause there is noone around, so im freaking out that he is like going to take me there and kill me or rape me.
but thankfully i was careful and he was actually just being sweet. after that headed back to positano, met with with jane and people and we headed out for dinner. yumm had grilled sword fish, soo good. after that headed off to bed. chow chow, oh and thats what they say in italy, for hello and goodbye, sothats why i have been saying it lol, also tryin to get pics but this internet is like dial up, its not happening here, ciao!

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trekking in the morning, and it wa…
trekking in the morning, and it w…
the views are like nothing else i …
the views are like nothing else i…
the brothel
the brothel
pictures of what was offered in th…
pictures of what was offered in t…
photo by: Eric