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the nice hostel in florence!!

i am in italy!!! omg its so cool here. the train ride here was not so cool tho, the train i swear smelled like the bathroom wasleaking, i thought i was going to get so sick, and i was like i was the only one who noticed or something. so i get in late last night and once i get off the train, this italian guy who was riding on the train with smiles and winks at me and comes up to me. now he is not bad looking at all, tall dark and handsome, which is like all the guys here, and starts trying to talk to me. well he does speak much english, like most people i run across and so he is trying to talk to me and im tired and wanting to go find my hostel, its just not happening. i really dont know how people get in relationships with people from other countries who speak limited english.

my bed!!!
its fustrating to me, and i can only take so much and its not like there is a shortage of guys here so i try to just be nice and say goodbye, which is chow here, luv it lol he still keeps talking!! the guys here are great tho, like he is telling me im beautiful and stuff, man this place can make a girls head get big lol oh and i swear, if i was slutty this place would be trouble! so anyways i find my hostel, freaking amazing, its like a hotel, the nicest so far, the bedrooms are so nice and spacious and modern and it has a pool and sauna and rooftop terrace bar and dance floor and a resturant. its just like a cool dorm, u get a card and put money on it and can use it for food and internet and drinks and stuff.

When i woke up this morning tho i was not feeling good, i was sick and weak. i really wanted to go out and explore, well not a good idea, i was sick and felt like i was going to faint, so i headed to bed. now i hated having to be in bed, especially in italy, but i think this is the cold i have gotten, which i thought was over, but only one day being sick, i knew it was too good to be tru. so since my body was telling me to slow down , i did, thought it would do me better then good. so not much to say about today, but am planning on going all over tomrw and the next day so will keep up, laterr

clairerich81 says:
Did you see Michelangelo's david while you were there??
Posted on: Jan 16, 2009
babyaly1 says:
Florence is my favorite place in the world !! Do you know the name of the hostel ?? How did you find hostels everywhere?
Posted on: Sep 10, 2008
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the nice hostel in florence!!
the nice hostel in florence!!
my bed!!!
my bed!!!
finally a place that understand my…
finally a place that understand m…
photo by: Vikram