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oh wow barcelona is amazing. there has been so much going on the past couple days. starters the city is amazing, its so pretty. the buildings here are very gothic spain looking. the hostel im staying in here is so much better, its clean and the lady who runs it is so nice, kinda like a mother to all of us. one thing about this area is nudity is no issue. i went to the gas station around the corner and u walk in and there are videos on a stand, right by the register, and on it are pornos, with the full front cover showing everything. also, if u walk down the street there are a lot of peep shows and they have pics of naked people on the street advertising, i thought all this was interesting. also in barcelona, pickpocketing is very common.

these 2 girls from new zealand i met in london had just come from barcelona and got robbed. so they had all these stories to tell me, on top of the fact that just walking around in barcelona, there are a ton of signs that warn of pickpockets. basically people try to confuse or distract u and get ur stuff, but the 2 girls from newzeland said someone broke into the window of their hostel and ransacked their stuff, and they met a girl who was traveling alone who got robbed on the street, money and passport gone. which from going out the other night i can see how this happens, there are so many people approaching u and always trying to sell u stuff.

so lindsey and lisa left today , back to london for them, there also are 2 american boys that were in the room with us.

people always performing on the streets here!~
oh man they had a night, they are 19 years old and went nuts here since they are legallyable to drink here. They went and bought a bottle of absinthe, which was 70% and drank it between both of them. now that stuff is toxic in small does, i mean in london the pubs would not sell more then 2 shots of that stuff to anyone, and all u need is 1 and ur drunk. well these guys were up all night puking, they were so sick. the lady at the hostel called the ambulence and they came over. one of the guys was begging the ambulence to come and take him, said he could not breathe, but the ambulence guy just told him he needed to sleep it off. those guys puked all over the boys bathroom, in the room , in the common room, and the poor night guy had to clean it up.
he seriously did not move! and that cigarette was lit!
the lady who owns the hostel came in also and she is nice, very motherly, but does not want anyone drinking or drunk at the hostel, the hostel itself has bunch of signs saying, "u dont have to drink in barcelona to have a good time" lol so while she was mothering them, she also was stern and told them they can't stay there if they are going to do this. but after that night, i don't think they will drink for quite a while. the following day they just laid on the couch looking green and did not talk to anyone, i guess they were embarassed and also still sick lol

so then later that night 5 girls from ireland came in. they overbooked the hostel so they got a mattress and put one girl in another room. its so hot in those rooms, there is ac but it does not work, and with 6 or 7 people in a room, uggg. so we started talking and they were pretty kool. went and got dinner and then planned on hanging out tomrw. now i luv their accents, by far my favorite so far. which being on this trip, i have met so many people, most everyone is from europe, its kinda rare i meet an american. but the irish girls call boys, lads and its just so funny some of the things they say. but we talked late and then went to bed, since it was a long day.
Real_PeaceWarrior says:
boys and their toys eh lol!
Posted on: Sep 10, 2008
homeres says:
Glad to read your bout yer trip and that you're having a good time! When I was last in Amsterdam my friend bought Absinthe and wanted me to drink it, i wouldnt. I heard so many terrible story, yet I'll smoke other things...
Posted on: Sep 09, 2008
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people always performing on the st…
people always performing on the s…
he seriously did not move! and tha…
he seriously did not move! and th…
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everyone uses those lil bikes
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he looked so real!
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