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The backpack!! what i am living out of for 5 weeks! and since half my friends looked at the pic with their dirty minds, i will clarify, that pink thing is a umbrella!!!

Today I leave to go to London!! I'm excited and nervous and just a bunch of things!! So the plan was to take a bus to Raleigh and then meet up with Jac and we were going to drive to Charlotte from there, which is where my plane takes off to london.  I thought since i could get a non stop flight, hey why not.  Now I have never taken a bus before, but thought, hey for 38 bucks its a lot cheaper then driving my car. So I arrive at the bus station at 7am. My bus is supposed to come at 735. Its dead in there, just me and 2 other people. The bus station is downtown, is like, old. You walk in and its a room that looks like its from the 70's, from the pebble floors, wood panaling, to the orange modular plastic seats.Its dead quiet except for this loud buzzing sounds coming from the ac.

So I take a seat and wait. 8am rolls by. 9am rolls by. They tell us that the bus is stuck in Wallace with a flat tire and should be there soon. Well its not. 10am comes and goes. The only thing keeping me from falling alseep was that i could not feel my bootie from the rock hard stone age seats and well, there are some interesting people coming and going in there, so people watching was fun, oh and i did not want anyone to jack my bag.

Finally 11am rolls by and the bus gets there. There are only 2 other people on the bus with me. I get on first and go to the back. Then this guy, comes back and sits in ther same row as me. arg! we have this whole bus and he sits by me and starts talking to me right away. His name is Jeremy, he is 22, kinda cute, but dang I wanted to sleep. I literally stayed up the whole night last night packing. After tryin to hint that I am dead tired, this dude then proceeds and sits in the chair next to me! So i thought i would roll with it, maybe make the time go by fast. So he starts showing me music on his mp3 player, and then had me play this game on his PS2.

Jeremy is about 6ft, blonde shaggy hair, kinda alernative skater boy. As we talk more, he starts telling me that he has anger issues. He has dropped out of every grade possible, and that his family is always in the news. His brother, who also has anger issues, is in jail for killing someone and well his mom, whom he hates, is missing and people think they found her bones somewhere and she might have been murdered. He tells me he is getting a lot better with his anger, telling me that when he was 13 he burnt down a house. WTF, who tells random people this. So i ask him if he has any weapons on him, he says no, but who knows lol. He then asks me is he can be blunt with me, im like what the hell, i thought he has been blunt the whole dang bus ride. So then he tells me that in the bus station, he could not take his eyes off me and thought i was pretty and was dying to talk to me. Then he asks for my number, saying he is going to maryland to visit but will be back in Wilmignton. UGGGGG. AKWARD! I did not know what to say, since this guy might kill me with the wrong answer, lol, so i told him i needed to go to the bathroom.

Now anyone that knows me, knows i don't like public restrooms. Well that bus bathroom made a public restroom look like a bathroom at the hilton. obviously my plan to stay in there for awhile was shot, so I came out, breathed air for a few seconds and moved to another seat up near the driver. Jeremy came up to me, i just said, I 'm tired and going to sleep.

Fianlly I arrive in Raleigh and meet up with Jac and Julie. I was so hungry and thirsty. We tore up some sushi before riding back to charlotte, where i got my sleep :)

wade5000 says:
That's pretty creepy. Bus stations tend to be weirdo magnets. I'm glad he didn't stick around Raleigh. :)
Posted on: Nov 18, 2008
danny291 says:
haha i dont want to meet Jeremy!
Posted on: Nov 18, 2008
Real_PeaceWarrior says:
So you were just about to set off on a backpacking trip solo around Europe and on the first hus not even outta the US you attract the attentions of the local serial killer lol, not an omen for the rest of the trip I hope!
Posted on: Sep 10, 2008
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The backpack!! what i am living ou…
The backpack!! what i am living o…
photo by: vances