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The state food of Massachusetts?

I'm not the world's biggest American Airlines fan (in addition to ripping and losing multiple pieces of luggage, they've shown episodes of CSI: Miami complete with crashing planes on many a flight).  But I've been loyal to them nonetheless...mainly because they're relatively cheap and they fly most places I ever go.  Tonight the loyalty and suffering pay off when Brian and I are upgraded on our flight from Dallas to Boston... Yes, I'm talking first class. 

Prior to this flight, I used to think that first class was no big deal (and I still support the notion that it is not worth the hundreds to thousands of dollars extra in cost).  But there is a definite difference in the flying experience--comfy seats with plenty of room to sprawl, cupholders and an array of tasty snacks that are unregonizable if you're used to riding coach.  We were served hot, salty nuts and warm chocolate chip cookies with milk.  As a bonus to all of this, it was one of the smoothest flights I've been on in years (I actually made it through a few chapters in my book whereas usually I'm reading the same page over and over again while I ride out the bumps). 

We land in Boston shortly after midnight and take the shuttle to Hertz to rent a car.  From there, it's a short drive to our hotel where we'll crash for the night.  I can't say that I'm Boston's biggest fan (the cold, the accents and all those damn Red Sox fans), but I always know when I'm in New England by the multitude of Dunkin Donut stores.  Brian and I had discussed getting donuts before our drive to Maine the next day and were hopeful to find one along the road.  Silly us... Of course, we'd find one.  We passed four of them in the seven-mile drive to our hotel. 

We check in after 1am and fall asleep... Tomorrow our road trip begins!

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The state food of Massachusetts?
The state food of Massachusetts?
photo by: bubu932