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Daybreak on the north bay

Concerned by the challenge that lay ahead, I did not sleep soundly but woke to a colorful daybreak well before the sunrise. I heated water for coffee and instant oatmeal then quickly packed my gear. None of the other boaters stirred as I slipped out of the bay. I had hoped to tell one of them my route - to maybe radio the Coast Guard that there would be a kayak headed toward Cedar River which lay due north beyond the horizon. My initial intent had been to travel more westerly - the shortest distance to the Michigan shore at just over seven miles - but the increasing south winds and wave action discouraged that idea. They might still be okay for an angle into Menominee/Marinette but that would add an extra day to my struggle north. Besides, my arms were aching deep inside the elbows and my hands and fingers beginning to blister.


I laid my compass on top of the spray cover and set it for 10 degrees to the left of north. Upon reaching shore, I would know that Cedar River was somewhere off to my right and that I would not have passed it. Double-dipping (backtracking on water) was not an option since a weather system was due around the middle of the week and I still had a long way to travel.

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Daybreak on the north bay
Daybreak on the north bay
Chambers Island North Bay
photo by: rotorhead85