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mileage: 73.7 miles

Hilly day. Long day. Longest yet.
I rode with Eli, Beau and Ellen for the majority of the day. We passed Janine like 17 times. We would pass her and then stop a few miles down the road for a break. She would catch us, chat for a bit and then leave before we did. Then we'd start up and would pass her again. It continued like this the entire day. It was awesome.

Hmmm let's see. I peed in a wheat field today (I'm still working out the kinks in this whole peeing on the side of the road thing)...and Ellen took a shit like 3 feet from where I was popping a squat. We left a sign in chalk on the road with an arrow saying " your step" but apparently no one saw it...just like we missed the chalking that said directed people to a free breakfast at a community college we passed early in the day.
Beau, enjoying some wheat
When we walked out of the field (after taking some pictures), Ellen swore she had a tick on her leg and made Beau, who has worked in the Blue Ridge Mountains collecting ticks as a summer job (uhmmm, can we say fun?) take a look and remove what turned out to be a speck of dirt.

Because we missed the chalking for the free breakfast, we were the first ones to lunch. That actually turned out to be not too bad because we got to hang out with someone who was a rider on CUS'06, Evan. He brought us some water melons, which we then got to dig into before anyone else showed up, and we got to hear stories from the trip two years ago. Also, he was on the same B&B trip as Becky (Dipsy600), who is the person I found out about Bike & Build from to begin with (she had pictures from the trip up on TravBuddy and I happened to see jerseys that looks similar to a group of cyclists I saw riding through upstate NY in June '07.
Ellen, still getting used to clipless I took this shot, Beau fell over to the left
..I asked her about the pictures, she told me about Bike & Build, I signed up, and now you get to read about it).

I'm was pretty hard with all the climbing. I'm not really used to it since it's all much larger than the hills I attempted to tackle in Syracuse, NY while training. My chain fell off twice today for some reason...and once in the middle of a small, steep hill. I had to stop (which then let Janine pass me after I had just passed her half a mile back...haha), put the chain back on, and then attempt to start back up again. Let me tell you...that's NOT easy. Haha.

Even though it was a long day and a pretty hard day, it was definitely fun...showers were amazing, dinner was great (complete with ice cream sandwiches). We're staying in a temple, which is pretty cool.
The Devil's route...
There's a really beautiful mosaic on one of the walls in the entrance...and they have like a mini Bike & Build shrine with a hammer and some other tools and a ton of pictures from CUS'07. Pretty sweet. Alright, it's time to pass out. Build day tomorrow to give the legs a bit of a rest, which is awesome.

A few random things from today:
We keep crossing Route naturally, we have to stop and take pictures with the signs for it.

People are still getting used to being on bikes all day and using clipless pedals. At some point today, we stopped at a gas station for a bathroom break, and we were starting up to head out again and Ellen leaned the wrong way and went down, completely clipped in still. I told her to stay down so I could grab a picture, and as I took the picture, we heard a crash to the left of us...and Beau and just done the same exact thing and was also laying on the ground, still half clipped into his bike. The best part? When this happens, you know it's gunna happen, and it happens in slow motion...but there is NOTHING you can do about it. It's hilarious.

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Beau, enjoying some wheat
Beau, enjoying some wheat
Ellen, still getting used to clipl…
Ellen, still getting used to clip…
The Devils route...
The Devil's route...
a Bike & Build shrine
a Bike & Build shrine
hanging out in our bathroom
hanging out in our "bathroom"
sign at the temple in Lynchburg wh…
sign at the temple in Lynchburg w…
pictures from Bike & Builds CUS0…
pictures from Bike & Build's CUS'…
photo by: FrankMcD