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morning group stretch
mileage: 59.8 miles

Woke up this morning, did the whole trailer thing, ate breakfast (we all got full bananas!!!) and did a group stretch...well, I didn't really do the group stretch, but people did. Then, we took off...on our first rainy day of the trip. I somehow ended up in the lead...like first person out on the road, which was cool...and because it was raining, I didn't even have to chalk any of the turns (even though I attempted to chalk the first two to no avail). For a while, I rode with Eli, Tony and Emily...then, out of nowhere, we heard a ton of noise...which meant Colin, Nate, James and Will had caught us (and were screaming song lyrics at the top of their lungs, because what else do you do in the rain at 7am?).
hahahaha...we're immature
As Will passed us, he yawned, which I took as a challenge and took off after him. Not long after, I found myself riding with Kevin and Eli.

We stopped at around mile 16 because it had stopped raining. I learned about the "one girl rule" (meaning the guys can talk about stuff they normally wouldn't talk about in front of girls since there's only one female present...and just one girl doesn't count) since I was the only girl with 8 or 9 guys until Emily showed up...and then we had the "two girl rule"...haha the guys are hilarious. We ate a bit and I lowered my seat...last night, I angled the nose down slightly, to take some pressure off my crotch (good thing to do) but then I ended up with pain behind my knees this morning (bad thing). I brought my seat down like half a centimeter and was perfect for the rest of the day.

Took off from there with the guys (Eli, Kevin, Lee, Will, Colin, James and Nate). Maybe 10 miles or so down the road, we stopped into the Slip-In...which the guys all thought was the greatest name for a gas station ever...which it pretty much is. Hahahahaha. There was a sign on one of the gas pumps that said "Slip-In Self Service" that we obviously had to take some pictures with. While we were eating (again) and a few people were drinking coffee, Kevin discovered the spinning rack of biker bandannas. He ended up getting a tough lookin' American flag patterned one. Looks so bad-ass.

We got to use our "spread out" practice when the van passed us. "Van up! Spread!!!" We got around one bike length apart before hearing Jackie yell from the passenger window "Spread out!" I mean...three bike lengths is pretty far apart...you may as well just bike by yourself if you're doing that...and you get no cover from the wind when you're that far behind the person in front of you. On a drafting off people in front of you note, Lee is amazing to ride behind...you get like full coverage...or at least I do, seeing as he's a full foot taller than me. Hahaha.

That's really about it for today. It was a pretty quick day and everyone was in within 45 minutes of each other. Oh, and I lead our paceline for a bit and actually caught James who had headed out ahead of the rest of us...so that's pretty cool. We had our first "town hall" meeting tonight, where we talk about our highs and lows of the week and discuss things that need to be brought up to the whole group. Went pretty well.

The only thing that sucked about today was that the last 7 or 8 miles was pretty hilly, which is always rough at the end of a ride...and it's gunna start getting pretty hilly tomorrow as we head into the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains.............
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morning group stretch
morning group stretch
hahahaha...were immature
hahahaha...we're immature
photo by: smhirsch