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What the house looked like before we dry walled 3/4 of it in like 4 hours
We all split up and slept in the classrooms that lined the hallway of the temple. My room was me, Anna, Ellen, Will and Lee. It was a squeeze. If Will had wanted to leave the room for any reason, he definitely would have tripped over every single one of us on the way out...there was no floor space left once we had all put our thermarests out...or so I thought. I woke up and was on carpet alone, and not on my thermarest anymore. At some point in the night, I got bulldozed by Lee. This morning, he claimed he's taking over the room, one thermarest at a time. Hahaha. That mean's Anna's next...

Today was our second build day and it was much different than the one we had in Suffolk. Today, we were all at the same site, and we had our first experience working with Habitat for Humanity on the trip.
Andrew, getting the frame ready for the dry wall
We started the day off driving in the van to the build site...I went with the first group...and, well, we couldn't find the site. We drove around for 1/2 an hour, with Lee (who's from Lynchburg) attempting to direct whoever was driving the van. We ended up back at the church and had someone lead us over there. Also, the van (who we named "Betty") has started making noises like Chewbakka...very interesting...

At the build site, we walked into a house that was all framing on the inside and were told our job was to drywall at least half of it (walls and ceiling). I had a lot of fun using saws, power drills, really strong glues, etc. After the first half hour or so, we all pretty much had the idea of how drywalling worked, and we just did it. I think we got around 75% of the house done.
Genie, sanding down some edges
It felt awesome.

One thing from today that kinda aggravates me is that there was this Americorps volunteer working at the build site who was one of the dumbest people I have ever met. I mean, it's May already...she's been working here since September or October at least, and she literally had no idea what she was doing. She managed to miss cut holes for outlets in a piece of drywall so badly that we had to scrap the whole piece and start over again...which we did while she went to find one of the supervisors. By the time she got back, we had it up on the wall with the outlets cut out perfectly...haha. Even Kevin (who wrote "Gateraide" on one of the Gatorade coolers this morning) thinks the girl is an idiot...which she is. Where on earth did they find her???

Showers were at a YMCA but were not communal which was awesome.
Kevin got tired of waiting for lunch
They took forever, though, because there were hottubs right next to the showers, which a bunch of the girls went in...nude...which excited all the guys later when someone told them...haha. On the way back from showers, Kevin decided he was going bald and asked the girls in the van if we thought he would still be cute if he was bald. Megan told him to shave it all off if he does really start going bald. Hahaha...Kevin's adorable. He's so concerned about it.

We had our first Bike & Build community presentation today after dinner that was provided by the temple. It went pretty well. Oh! Also, at the build site, a news crew came and took pictures, intereviewed a few people, and took some video clips. Janina and Andrew had Lee (the local) and me (not sure why I got to) talk to the news crew. So that's pretty cool...I should be on TV...however, I don't think I'll ever actually know...haha.

A bunch of people went out, but I decided to stay in since we start some real climbing tomorrow and that's really not my strong point. There are a few of us still hanging out here and we're gunna do some yoga and then play Apples to Apples because it's an awesome game.

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What the house looked like before …
What the house looked like before…
Andrew, getting the frame ready fo…
Andrew, getting the frame ready f…
Genie, sanding down some edges
Genie, sanding down some edges
Kevin got tired of waiting for lun…
Kevin got tired of waiting for lu…
Group picture outside the house
Group picture outside the house
He can balance anything
He can balance anything
photo by: FrankMcD