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Beau and Dylan waiting to head out for our first ride
After spending the night trying to get used to sleeping on my Thermarest (in a hallway, listening to 30+ people around me) we had a pretty early wake up since we had a lot to do. We started the morning off with a few locals speaking to us about cycling and cross-country bike trips. One of them was an older man (late 60's-early 70's) who had ridden across the US a year or two earlier. In addition to letting us know that the guys will all lose weight, the girls will all gain weight (but "look damn good"), he told us that "everyone out there is out to kill you"...ya know, just as a safety reminder...haha. This was the same man who gave us a heads up that the best part of a trip like this is that "you always have someone to bitch with, bitch to, or bitch about.
The first bike clinic of the trip...on the Virginia Beach boardwalk
" Awesome...haha.

Once the speeches were given, we headed outside and had a quick flat tire seminar...I changed out my stock tires for some Gatorskins I had brought with me. Man, those things are tough to get on! Anyway, after that was done, we all got changed and headed out for our shake down ride. We ended up riding a little over 13 miles, through a military base (remember, we're in Virginia Beach)...not bad at all. I was the first girl at every stop and it felt awesome...yes, I know we only went 13 miles, but still...it made me feel good.

When we had returned and all eaten some food, the leaders started running shower shuttles. We were showering at a local YMCA...with semi-communal showers...and I forgot my towel. It's really funny how most of the girls (including myself) are kinda modest and weren't very comfortable with the communal part of the showers.
cutest little kid helping Will pump up his tire
There were 2 actual stalls, and most of the girls waited for those to be open, but I just wanted to shower...so I just went for it in the open room. Apparently, I'm no longer modest...and drying off with paper towels is perfectly fine. Hahahaha.

After showers, we did more painting on the trailer, which now has leopard and zebra printed wheel wells, as well as 33 stick figures (one for each of the 31 of us and Kristian and Amelia) on the left side, along the terrain of the US (and one's on the water...so I guess there are actually 34, since that one was aptly named "Jesus"). There was also a bike clinic on the boardwalk, which I volunteered for, along with Andrew (the leader in charge of us for this), Jackie, Laura and Will. It was a lot of fun. There were a decent amount of kids, and we talked about helmet safety, checking to make sure there's air in your tires, that your chain's on, etc.
The leaders (Andrew, Janine, Gabe and Lois) giving a speech at our host provided dinner
We also set up an obstacle course...kind of...I mean, we stood there and pretended to be stop signs for them to stop at and go around. There was a family there with two adorable little red headed kids, Sarah (7) and Connor (4). Will had Connor help him fill his tire with air...it was absolutely adorable. Following the bike clinic, we had a pot luck dinner provided by the church that owns the Manse (the building we're staying in). The food was great and we got to hang out with all the families from the bike clinic. Also, we got to see our first B&B presentation, given by the leaders...and watch "Bodies in Motion" which is the main B&B video that's up on YouTube.

Later that night, two alumni from CUS'07, Katie and Lynn, came and talked to us.
The right side of our trailer
They showed us a slide show with some pretty funny pictures, told us a lot of stories and answered whatever questions people had. They're going to ride out with us tomorrow morning, so that's pretty cool.

Things I learned today:
-George enjoys saying things like "I'mmm being silly!"
-Megan loves Jews (she's obsessed)
-wearing a helmet does not protect you from being pelted with sand when the wind blows
-strawberry lemonade slurpees make my mouth sting...and turn red
-the post office is a very busy place on a Friday afternoon
-the bathroom and surrounding rooms smells terrible...and, according to Katie and Lynn, that's something we'll be used to in a week or two...and it will get worse...haha.
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Beau and Dylan waiting to head out…
Beau and Dylan waiting to head ou…
The first bike clinic of the trip.…
The first bike clinic of the trip…
cutest little kid helping Will pum…
cutest little kid helping Will pu…
The leaders (Andrew, Janine, Gabe …
The leaders (Andrew, Janine, Gabe…
The right side of our trailer
The right side of our trailer
Waiting for kids to show up to our…
Waiting for kids to show up to ou…
bike clinic obstacle course
bike clinic obstacle course
The left side of our trailer
The left side of our trailer
My cousin, Eli and I, ready for ou…
My cousin, Eli and I, ready for o…