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Today was hike day. We set our early as we knew the hike would take a good proportain of the day (approx 6 hours). We got ripped off buying €8 sunscreen on the way to the station and missed the train to the last village towards the west where we intended to begin the hike. Consequently we walked along the very easy part of the track called "Lovers Lane" to the village to the far east where we caught the ferry where we wanted to be, Monterosso. It was expensive to catch the ferry but I was really nice to see the five villages pearched on the cliffs from a different angle.

It was already quite hot when we reached Monterosso and the beaches were pretty tempting.

We wandered around the town for a while checking out the tourist just they were selling. There were a few pretty little churches as well. I had to buy a pair of sunnies as it was so bright.

We finally quit procrastinating and set off on the hike. There were lots and lots of stairs and in parts the track was extreamly narrow (especially when passing people coming the other way) The views were spectacular and we took the time to stop for lots of photos (and to catch our breath). The first section was apparently the longest and the most difficult. It was not easy but it was not a great deal more difficult than the 100 stairs back home. We had been walking for about an hour or so and were heading into the next town, vernazza when I began to feel sick. My stomach was not happy at all and I felt nauseas.

The further I walked, the worse I got and I started to get stomach cramps. We made it to the town where I insisted we find a restaurant with a decent toilet (not a squat) I was panicking and felt absolutly dreadful. We found a place at last and a managed a few sips of lemon squash which the smell of Adrians gnocci bolognaise made me feel worse. I eventually told Adrian that I could not go on. I was really dissapointed because I knew that I could easy have gone on to complete the rest of the walk having already done whe hardest part. I was tired sick and emotional and to make things worse out hostel had a lock out during the day until around 5pm! I just wanted somewhere to lie down with decent bathroom facilities. I remembered back in Montrosse there was a private beach where you could hire umbrella lounges and which had decent looking bathrooms!! I caught the train back to Monterosso by myself (Adrian went on to complete the rest of the walk).
Feeling the efects of dodgy sardines
I had to pay about €15 to access the beach and rent a umbrella lounge but it was worth every cent! Despite how horrible I was feeling, the beach was beautiful and the weather was perfect. I remained there for several hours nd even managed a quick swim! I was feeling better by the time I headed back to the hostel.

Adrian and I arrived back at the hostel at pretty much the same time and we met up with the Australian girl and her Canadian friends for tea. We ate at the hostel because it was pretty cheap. I had the spaghetti with tomato sauce as I figured it would be the safest. I was felt pretty good after tea and figured that I was past the worst of it. I was wrong.

Around 10pm I started feeling really sick again and ended up in the toilets for several hours. It was so horrible and I felt really alone. At around 1pm I was brushing my teeth and washing my face when the Hostel owner popped his head into the bathroom to ask if I was alright (I guess someone must have heard me throwing up and told him). At first I thought he was telling me off for being in the bathrooms after curfew. I eventually ventured back to my bunk praying that I would not need to rush back during the night waking all of my room mates up.

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Feeling the efects of dodgy sardin…
Feeling the efects of dodgy sardi…
Cinque Terre
photo by: Eric