i pull you close and breathe you in (and everything else slips away)

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on a crowded street
when I press you close (to me)
and kiss you, there
on the place where
the lobe of your ear
curves down to your neck

i still feel
the earth stop
for a moment

and it is only you, there
(with me)

I breathe you in deep
and I'm suddenly weak,
and I want to whisper "baby-
nobody but you
does this to me."

they call it a chemical reaction
but that's a mere fraction of the things
I feel for you.

the years have taught me that few things
-really- matter
and even less of them last
but your skin against my lips
reminds me real fast

how the heart can still awaken
after being put to sleep
and the earth can still stop
(for a moment)
and allow me to breathe.

when you weave your fingers through my hand
and I feel the warm rough texture of your skin
I want to lean into the scent
of you.

and stay.

they call it physical attraction
but that's too simple a way
to describe what is here
(in the air between us)

so I wrap my arms inside the folds of your jacket
and nestle into the curve of your neck
-to heck with it all-
I say

I'm going to stay here (with you)
and breathe you in
all day.

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I glanced at the mirror today,
and was surprised to see
that there I was, looking back at me.

"It's been so long," I whispered.
My reflection smiled; I tried not to cry.


I felt all the pieces of me shift inside.

She's never been one to reveal such secrets (to me),
but I could see it in her eyes:
her fragility.

I touched my fingertips to the glass,
where my eyes stared back,
and wondered how long
I could make this moment last.

"Where have you been," I asked her softly,
but she looked away, to the side,
vainly attempting to try and hide
what I know.

It was me; I left her; rather,
I allowed her to go.

I looked in the mirror,
and briefly saw myself there.
-it was brief- - she was beautiful-
and there was sunshine in her hair.

photo by: penxor