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Almost blew some palms over!

Haha! I freaking love Hawaii! Maybe I'm just a hermit at heart that likes to be cooped up inside.

So of course the first 2-3 days that I'm here I have a ton of work and stay inside relaxing, working and writing blogs, going out during the evenings to hang out with Kar Hai and company. And the weather is amazing. It's sunny, it's 80 degrees, it's balmy, who could ask for more. Then Monday rolls around and I finally have some free time, but the stormclouds decide to head this way. It's been sporadically thunderstorming for the past 48 hours! Maybe I should announce to the gods that I'll stay in and work and have no desire whatsoever to see the sea turtles or go whale watching. Maybe then the clouds will roll away.

Stormy weather

I had a massage with Lisa again (yes, I'm addicted) at 11 this morning, and just around 12:15 when we finish, I mosy on over to the one of the food outlets on the water and order. Before I can even get my food, there's a slight drizzle, which starts turning into rain, which starts turning into a full on rainstorm with high winds. I have to laugh. But hey, at least I got my massage!


So I don't know if it's Hawaii's serenity or just being by myself, but I literally forget about half my obligations during this trip. I think it has more to do with being by oneself, no one reaching out to demand things, that the part of your mind that feels obligated to the other parts of your life just sort of drift to sleep =)

A list of things I forgot to do while I was in Hawaii that I was supposed to:

  1. Call my accountant to go over 2005 tax returns (yes, 2005! That's how f'ed up my 2005 was...)
  2. Take my online quiz for my Cal State LA class
  3. Do economics homework
  4. Update Japan employment rates and Yen futures rates for work
Those are pretty serious things! And I plum just.. forgot. What the HECK.

I'm really liking listening to Barry Manilow while I'm in Hawaii. =) Makes me want to go to Havana or Morroco next..
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Almost blew some palms over!
Almost blew some palms over!
Stormy weather
Stormy weather
photo by: sandra_s021