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Kar Hai showing some Aloha

So Kar Hai swooped in to save the day again! I swear, he's been the most reliable person in my life for quite a while! He came back from seeing his girlfriend at 5pm and called me immediately, as I had sent increasingly frantic txt msgs and voicemails regarding dinner.

Hula Grill was surprisingly delicious! The menu looked medium priced and the descriptions were not that spectacular, but every item we ordered was really great! Both Kar Hai and I nearly finished our plates, and anyone who knows the way that I eat knows that I usually eat about 1/4 of my plate. Even my Arnold Palmer had a unique flavor that I thoroughly enjoyed. The desserts sounded very pineapple-infused so we decided on a coconut creme brulee which was divine! Tropical fruits beat regular North American fruits to a bloody pulp, is all I have to say.

I don't think Kar Hai and I stopped talking. I don't think I've had such energetic conversation with anyone since Kieran and Dan. We both seem to be unafraid to take risks, walk the less beaten path, and enjoy life in more unconventional ways. Although he is by far smarter than I am and did much better in school. We seem to see eye to eye on a lot of issues and it's always good to know someone who sees the big picture and has unique perspectives on life. I am still SO DAMN JEALOUS that he was accepted to the World Bank!! God I can only hope to make it to their internship program one day soon!

I think tomorrow I'm gonna suck it up and apply to the U.N.

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Lot of us at dinner!

Wow it was so good to see Kar Hai!

It's funny how there are a lot of themes that seem to run through all Stuy kids. I think the majority of us go into finance or become professionals. There seem to be relatively few of us who have already gotten married, even though this year we turn 27/28. I think out of the 800 kids that we collectively know, something like 10 of us are married. Charles and Yenni, Bianca and Matt, Prince and his girlfriend, Wenny and someone, little Mary, Gloria Yoo, and Johnny Kwon. There are a few more that are engaged, like Chris Cho.

Kar Hai and I are some of the few that have moved into more unorthodox roles. My unorthodoxy comes from all the career switching I've done in since graduating in early 2003. I have truly loved every experience but none of them fully satisfy me, and I'm afraid I demand that in my career considering how much effort and sheer energy I put in.

Kar Hai =)
Kar Hai being in Hawaii? Now that's just plain unorthodox. It's not like he had to move out here because he's studying oceanography or anything! I think one of my favorite Kar Hai quotes is "Damn Stuy teachers for making us insatiable learners. Who knew we would crave challenge and stimulation for the rest of our lives?!"

I met a bunch of cool people who went to UH. One was a Brazilian girl who I adored. Another was a married couple from Wisconsin who were totally cool! Kar Hai's roommate cracked me up, he reminds me of a Boston comedian although he was from Detroit. He kept speaking Mandarin throughout the meal because we were in a chinese restaurant, it was very cute.

The only two asians in the world who don't date asians. Hahaaa.
And there was the homeschooled anthropologist from nearby Seattle. Wow that was a fun time.

While we were waiting outside for them to clear a couple of tables for us, this girl (whose face we never saw) rode past us on a bike and stopped maybe 10 yards away from us with her back to us and got off her bike to adjust something. She had these super short shorts that showed off her smokin' body and she took her hoodie off to reveal this nothing of a shirt that was completely open in the back except for a tie near the waist. She had a tattoo above her butt and nothing under that shirt-type thing so the lot of us basically saw her naked. The 8 of us were having about 3 separate conversations and we all immediately stopped and just stared open mouthed. It wasn't a slutty sort of dress (at least I don't think), she seemed like a bit of a tough girl on that bike.

I forgot what he said, but it deserved a strangling.
It was a mixture of awe and knowing full well that a gust of wind would render her disrobed from the waist up. Clothing is like so optional here that we were just dumbfounded.

So we finally sat after waiting about 30 minutes and immediately ordered a ton of food. I think we ordered something like 13 dishes for the 8 of us, and there wasn't really a ton left over. This restaurant has just extremely yummy food, better than a lot of chinese restaurants in downtown Los Angeles, sadly enough. I think the tea-duck, my ja jian mien, and the tangy tofu dish were my favorites.  Unfortunatley the quality of their eggplant was no good, half the pieces had green parts. For dessert we even had the sesame ball soup which was delicious! I ordered one to go, but I ended up forgetting it at the table.

Kar Hai and I at Hula Grill, take 1.
Well, at least someone got a nice surprise when they got home =)

Kar Hai and I drove around in his Jeep with the plastic windows and a rosary dangling from the rearview mirror. Good times. We were talking about how him being in Hawaii has chilled him out and made him feel realy happy, and partially it's because New York was just really hard on us and I totally agree. I'm sure his experiences in Brooklyn were different from the ones I had in Queens, but there are definitely some strong similarities going on. For me, I think being in Los Angeles had a similar effect, but the time has come for me to move on as there isn't anything particularly wonderful about my life in Los Angeles and it's starting to feel like a waste of time. Perhaps it's time to go somewhere where it's tough in different ways and easy in others. Anyhow, I do love meeting new people and re-meeting old friends.

Hawaii is turning out to be fantastic! And I think I've gotten a hang of the freeways! =)

Kar Hai showing some Aloha
Kar Hai showing some Aloha
Lot of us at dinner!
Lot of us at dinner!
Kar Hai =)
Kar Hai =)
The only two asians in the world w…
The only two asians in the world …
I forgot what he said, but it dese…
I forgot what he said, but it des…
Kar Hai and I at Hula Grill, take …
Kar Hai and I at Hula Grill, take…
Kar Hai and I with very full belli…
Kar Hai and I with very full bell…
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