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Marriott Ko Olina - entry

I won't even go into what a pain it was to schedule this trip. Who would've thought that such a gorgeous place would require such effort to find company to share it with?! People got married, people need to work overtime to get promotions, and I even asked my ex as a last resort. I even briefly entertained the idea of flying a certain gorgeous Italian man in from Africa, but when I looked at the price tag of $6000 and the 2 day haul it would take, I decided against even asking him (not that he even responds to my emails!).

My best friend swooped in to save the day, only to be called to a greater emergency, and leaving us with 1 and a half overlapping days at the very end, much of which will be spent driving to and from the airport.

So I guess I'll learn a bit about myself on this trip considering I'll be all by my lonesome for about 4 days.

Marriott Ko Olina - bathroom
I've got 2 restaurant evaluations scheduled, 3 reports to write, and a lot of thinking to do regarding the U.N. I think the one thing I will splurge on is a whale watching trip since it's in season.

So Marriott's Ko Olina is gorgeous. If I could have an apartment that looked like this I would be the happiest person in the world. I'll post pictures soon when the sun comes out.

Regardless, I think I'll enjoy the solitude. It's midnight here but I plan on waking up early and going to the grocery store to buy some fruit and fish for the next week. Short of my 1 mile runs on the treadmill, I have really never made it a priority to take care of myself. I could really use a massage, but I don't have an extra $100 to spend anytime soon. Especially since my car rental cost $230! My advice is not to use AAA to book your car rental - stick with Hotwire or Priceline and give yourself sufficient time to rebid, as Priceline locks your request out for 3 days after your initial request if they reject your bid.

View from the hotel - looking right.

So my flight in was pretty smooth. There were exactly 23 babies on my flight though - is that insane or what?! The pre-board line of children under 5 was longer than any of the other lines! So I had a wonderful time looking at big eyed, beautiful drooly faces that sometimes vomited. What a pleasure it was! I drove about 30 miles to Ko Olina from HNL and got really great service right away. I even hinted to the front desk ladies that if they saw any single cute boys, to remember my room number =)

Yea, so I talk big, but I'm really a wuss.

jenn79 says:
Heehe! Thanks for the sweet thoughts Angela =) In hindsight (7 months later) it just isn't meant to be =)

Hey Andi and I are going to Mali in Jan - think about joining us? =)
Posted on: Aug 21, 2007
mzunguang says:
i know, i hate it when i have somewhere fabulous to go and alas no one seems to be able to join...crazy!:) too bad that you couldn't finance the cute italian from africa though!! sounds like it was a good trip though:)
Posted on: Aug 20, 2007
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Marriott Ko Olina - entry
Marriott Ko Olina - entry
Marriott Ko Olina - bathroom
Marriott Ko Olina - bathroom
View from the hotel - looking righ…
View from the hotel - looking rig…