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After our long stay on the motorway in Lendorf, Austria we decided that we still would drive as long as we could that evening and then find a place to stay. We had not anticipated to drive home anymore; we had spent now more than 5 hours in queues and not moving an inch.

Kaija was very determined though and when she had gotten something in her mind; i know that it can be difficult to change it. She kept on talking about how nice it would be to sleep in our own bed again and I admit that it wasn’t a bad thought even though I would take it more relaxed than her.

Well, after Lendorf I drove for 3 hours getting us out of Austria in to Germany and then she took over the steering wheel. I just sat next to her and relaxed, and she was feeling good so she just drove on, even though it started to rain, but at the same time there were a lot fewer cars on the road which made it a nice ride. At 5.30 am we were back in Brussels after passing through Luxembourg and it was actually quite nice to be home.

We both felt fresh so we started to unpack before we went to bed, and agreed upon that we had to wash the car the same day because it was very dirty after the trip. One of the things we had to do was remove the resin from the car. In Montenegro at the Hotel Danica, we had parked under a pine and the car had gotten resin drops all over; it looked like it had rained all the time.   

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photo by: Vlindeke