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Well the past few days have been emotional. Our group divided and we got some newbies on the tour and said goodbye to the others. Ive been quite lucky as my group really have been great, and im not just saying that, they really have. My friend Amy from the other group came to our room a few nights ago crying as her group are so bitchy and not as friendly as ours! shes arranged to come bck to our tour which is great news as she hated it that much! I was assertive enough to say something to a couple of the members of the "bitchy group" to say it was unfair for them to tell amy who was hot and whos not in the group basically and it was just horrible!

We got an overnight bus last night as the trains still on strike...the bus is really horendous! The train is much better, but beggars cant be choosers i spose!

Yesterday me and a few of my group went for a spa day haha...the life of a traveller haha! Got a wee french manicure and painted toe nails etc for only about a fiver, how great is that. (Avril you have to get over here to get your nails done!).

I sat next to Herby on the bus (a german guy, that i got the feeling disliked me and foind me too loud - whatever gave him that impression i dont know) But it was nice to get to know each other a bit better and i THINK he understands me a bit better now. He's a nice guy though - dont hate him for him not liking me...you all know i can get all that annoying way.....singing and dancing and generally being a girly girl at times!

The new group there is:

a cool lady from australia, gillian who is 52, up for a laugh and really nice!

A man from Australia, craig who is in his 30's i think,  nice guy, quite quiet. We have just had a discussion about him and he works unsociable hours (he's a baker) and Claire was jsut saying that she did something in psychology about people who did unsociable hours and some post office and  a manager changed the hours and a man killed his team as he didnt like working with them....so we are thinking he might kill us if he doesnt like us haha.  

Claire, 32 from manchester -  a great laugh, we get on really well. Im sure you will all meet her one day!

Marsha, Ronnie and Audi....a dutch family travelling to indonisia as thats where Audi (the dad) is originally from.

Deterick and Marc - A dutch pair of guys (not gay - as i asked them) Lovely guys and up for a laugh. Marc is a trainee doctor and both in a band!

Claudia and Lynsey joined the group today so havent spoke much to them, but really nice impression given....both from south africa! We waited for them for 2 hours and they didnt turn up and after we got in the van and we saw these two girls that looked a bit lost on the other side of the street so we all shouted their name! Great observation from Saj.

Saj 25 from london, originally from sri lanka - has been my best friend on this trip so far....we get on great and both love the same kind of things! Im sure you will all meet her too one day!  

Neeta 28 was on my last tour, my roomie, we get on great! shes lovely and looks out for everyone!

Today we arrived at our new guesthouse, its lovely...kinda jungle like...we were eating dinner and a frog jumped on the table!

Tomorrow we go to the National Park and then on a safari trek (as we didnt do that tonight).


Today i got a really nice email from louise and it made me think about home.....even though its just been a week, its beginning to sink in! thinking about more people.


Anyway better dash, they are charging me by the minute. love and miss u all! xxx


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