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Well folks, im here, in bangkok and my its mighty HOT! More clamy than hot
(as I was warned). I havent really seen anything to report as I came in and slept for about 15 hours!!!
Im meeting with my tour today so hope all goes well and there is people i get on with!!
The flight was a drag! I was with a nice ozzy girl on the way though so had someone to talk to!
Breakfast this morning was difficult, sitting on my own is not something im used to and the food was even more difficult to pick from
  - who has stir fry for breakfast? I chose the easy option and went for jam on toast!
It so noisy here, like.....its hard to are outside and shouting til about 3am in the morning!
I will report back when I have more juicy stories to tell.
Hope everyone is fine! Keep me updated on any goss!
Love and miss you all. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Jazz girls - I can do with a jazz class right now to strech out all my muscles!!
P.s how much do you tip a porter guy in thailand when your a traveller?


welll, finally I can give you a wee update on how my first few days have been.
HOT HOT HOT.....37 degrees today and not a spot of rain! I was actually asking it to rain so that people didnt think the wet patch on my back was sweat!!
last night was my first night sharing with someone....and to go into a room with only their stuff lying about (as they had got there before me) it was like 'who lives in a house like this' Shes lovely though and she looks out for me.
Im the baby (youngest) of the group and have already been known as 'the girliest one'. No hot guys to report as yet, but I will keep you updated. Two ozzy guys were meant to be arriving today but they didnt turn up.....awk!!
Went to see a temple today (yes I know what your thinking....but it was nice, amazingly nice) It was about buddahs.
In a couple of hours we get a bus for 8 hours to chang mai (Louise tell Daniel to mark it on the map) as all the trains are off as there is alot of protesting and things going on. We arent really meant to be going outside....I dont know what its about though.
Im really sweating here......hoping ive lost a few pounds just doing nothing haha!
Theres another really nice girl on my tour who i get on with and have similar interests......being mad and all that.
Its really mad here, i think ive near been run over about 8 times!! They are lunatics!!!
The next few days are going to be a bit of a challenge....8 hours on a bus to chang mai, then a trek to hilltribe trek with only a bag for 4 days living in it.....have to take bare essentials.....argh!!! Have to go to a bank....running out of money!
Ok im too hot and starting to hilousinate!
Love and miss you all!! xxxxx
P.s I asked how much the girl im sharing with tipped her ported guy and she said nothing......i must have looked the gulable type!



Ok folks, the past few days have been very busy!!
After sitting on a bus for 9 hours from bangkok to chang mai,
I then went to a thai cooking class....made some amazing food if i say so myself!
Then I had planned on going for a bike ride around change mai but I was too tired so i just went to bed for a
couple of hours! We then got kitted out for our 3 day trek to the hilltribe to live with the local people.
VERY INTERESTING!  Walking about 13miles through mud baths in monsoon rain, Bathing in the river, toilet outside,
picking own food to eat and most of all.....NO MAKE UP!!!! The best experience i have ever had! To see the local people there,
live with nothing bar food and natural things and to be so so happy was amazing! They were the friendliest and happiest people
i have ever met AND its the best food i have tasted so far! To wash in the river and have cows pass me while i had soap in my eyes
was VERY funny! The girls were shouting "a cow a cow!!!" and I couldnt see for the soap in my eyes!!
We played Sharades at night, me bieng Com Ed and all that I needed some team spirit! Then we played a game where we all put
a famous person on our head and we had to guess who it was....i had some political man from Cuba who I had never heard of!
The next day we walked to the elephants and went on them. We called ours Ellie (very original), it was just a baby one and it kept walking the wrong way!
We then went bamboo rafting, so funny! Of course I lay and sungbathed while the rest rowed....but im still as white as ever as its rained pretty much everyday!
oh my goodness how could I forget......I ATE A WORM!!! yes i know......EWWWWW!!!!! We picked them and then fried them (they tasted a bit salty,......i know i gagging as i think about it!
My friend went further and had a cricket.....whilst i was sick at the side just watching her!! Crazy girl!
After the elephant trek we went to a different village and I got the kids to sing head shoulders knees and toes (thanks donna who gave me this idea!) someone videod it so i cant wait for you all to see it, its soo cute!!
That night, we sat round a campfire and played games and had a little drink.
The thai guys that took us round, one of them made me a cup from bamboo and ingraved "tina trekking chang mai, love you!" how sweet is that!
He told me i was "the one" but i told him i couldnt be a hilltribe girl! PHEW! But he did say i was welcome anytime, so anyone wanting to come to thailand, we have contacts!
They are soo nice here though, really genuine and lovely!
Anyway, we got back to the hotel from the hilltribe trek all in need of a good shower. the first thing i did was paint my nails! We all got dressed up and went out on the town!
I wont tell you what we got up to as you would be mortified and would maybe get me into trouble!
Last night, we got the sleeper train for 13 was actually really comfy, i slept like a log! A few people have noticed that i snore and sound like darth vador though. haha!
good job my rommie wheres ear plugs and also talks in her sleep haha!
My group are really great. A few of them leave the group today though to join a different group and we get some newbies in our group today.
you know what im like though....i have them all on facebook already haha!
Im back in bangkok today and trying to stay in from all the riots etc. We leave tomorrow to head down to the south of thailand.
ok will fill you in soon! Hope everything is fine.
love and kisses.
Tina  x x x

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